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Lost Plate guides are always from the local area, because only local guides can give you a real taste of Beijing. Their knowledge about local food, culture and activities is incredible and something they are insanely passionate about. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at their recommendations for Beijing and learn a bit more about them below!








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Meet Ruixi, Our Founder & Tour Guide

Why did you decide to become a Food Tour Guide with Lost Plate?
Erin: I actually joined a Lost Plate Food Tour with some friends, which was the first time I got to know about Lost Plate. I was impressed with the secret spots that we went and we had such a fun time with our guide Icy. I came up with the idea to ask about a job and here I am!
Doris: My friends who are expats in Beijing joined the tour by themselves and they loved it! So what Lost Plate does is pretty much like what I do with my friends; eating at the local restaurants and sharing Chinese culture. I enjoy being a food guide with Lost Plate because it not only allows me to have awesome food all night long, but also gives me the chance to share Chinese culture and experience with people who travel in the country but might not have opportunities to get to know the country so well.
What are your favorite foods in Beijing?
Erin: My favorite food in Beijing is BBQ because the way we cook the meat and vegetables by ourselves is really interesting. Honestly, the Mongolian BBQ place on our Beijing Food Tour is the best that I’ve ever been to.
Icy: My favorite food must be hot dried noodles. It is one of the most famous dishes from my hometown. There are two place you can get the best noodles, one is going home with me and my mom can make the best hot dried noodles for you; the other way is much more convenient, joining our Beijing Food Tour and we will take you to the best noodle place!
Doris: My favorite food in Beijing is Beijing Hotpot. I like hotpot generally, no matter if it’s Beijing style or Sichuan style, but Beijing hotpot is traditionally served in a funny copper pan and it usually comes with mutton and all types of vegetables. Beijing hotpot soup is very basic which helps meat and vegetables maintain their original taste, and it’s easy to find all over the city!
Where should people visit when they come to China and where is your favorite place to travel?
Erin: The cultures of different areas in the country are so amazing and everyone should visit China to experience it. I recommend coming to Beijing for the first stop since it is an ancient city with famous sights such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and well-known modern architecture such as the Birds Nest, the Water Cube and the National Grand Theater. The best part of traveling to Beijing is the local food, which you can do with me on our Beijing Food Tours! My favorite place to travel in china is Tibet. Tibetans smile a lot and are nice to everybody.
Doris: China is like an extraordinary wonderland with various languages, living styles and cultures. I would strongly recommend you to try out at least one city from each region, for example, Dalian in the northeast, Shanghai in the east, Sanya in the southeast, Lijiang in the southwest, Xi’an in the middle and so on. Just try to see different natural landscapes and city life styles, you surely will be amazed by the difference between each city. I would say my favorite place to visit in China is Yangshuo. It’s well known for the clean rivers, green hills and peculiar peaks. The food is also very tasty, I had a really delightful time there.
What are three things that every tourist should do in Beijing when visiting?
Erin: 1. Eating Beijing Roast Duck and joining a Lost Plate Food Tour. 2. The Great Wall. There’s a Chinese saying, no visit to Beijing is complete if you miss seeing the Great Wall or dining on Roast Duck. 3. Art galleries such as 798 Art Zone.
Icy: 1. Join our food tour to try the best local food and hang out around hutong areas with us! 2. Visit the Forbidden City and see the most beautiful and precious collections from ancient times. (Be aware it is open from Tuesday to Sunday!) Then climb to Jingshan Mountain (just behind the Forbidden City) to take a glance of the panorama of the Forbidden City. If you’re lucky you can watch a sunset there. 3. Watch a Beijing Opera show. Beijing Opera is one of the most famous and traditional art forms which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics. There are several great places where you can get it, such as the Liyuan Theatre and the Changan Theatre.
What is your favorite “secret spot” to chill out in Beijing?
Doris: There are tons of small bars in small alleys in the hutongs of Beijng, especially around the Beixingqiao area. They are very small and serve nice cocktails and beers. Many are a good place to chill out and to know local young people.
Evon: I like to hangout in the Wudaoying area for a good cuppa or a nice dessert, discovering quaint little shops that sell handmade items like pottery, leather, and having a chat with the owners about their craft. Many of the restaurants and bars here has its own unique flavour, and I always enjoy walking down the alley and looking at the interesting shopfronts.
Other than eating, what are some of your hobbies?
Erin: I’m a backpacker. I really enjoy walking in a strange places and talking to local people like a real local. One of my dreams is to try the Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jumping in Canyon City,Colorado.
Icy: I love hiking and running. I have participated in a half marathon twice and I’m planning to take a full marathon next year. I’m also a dessert-aholic, I cannot live without breads, ice cream and cakes. You are always welcome to share your favorite desserts with me, and I’m gonna share mine with you!
Evon: I love travelling and people watching wherever I go. I think people watching gives me a lot of insights to the country’s history and development, and I like to usually check out the markets, sit at the park, take the subway, and simply observe what is going on around me. I still go around the hutongs in Beijing all the time and it never fail to amaze me with new knowledge about the Beijingers.
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“Michael was great as a local guide and the tuk tuk ride was an edge of your seat thrill ride. The food and people and glimpse into life in the hutong alleys were exceptional. I would highly recommend this tour…A must do!!!”
Tania V, TripAdvisor

“I highly recommend this not only because of the food, but because Hutongs are a large part of Chinese history and they are slowly disappearing. The guides were amazing and informative as well. I think this tour would be good for travels of ANY age.”
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