Watch: Lost Plate Founder Featured on CNN

We were so excited when CNN contacted us and asked our Founder and Guide, Ruixi Hu, to be featured as a Xian Food Expert for their series highlighting the Silk Road.  You can watch the episode in it’s entirety, which includes Ruixi’s interview with CNN’s Sumnima Udas.

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“I was so nervous!” said Ruixi about the morning of the interview.  “They asked me to share what I knew about how the Silk Road has influenced the food in Xian, but I didn’t know exactly what to say.”

What Ruixi did say during the 30 minute interview gave an interesting insight to why Xian’s food is so different from the rest of China:  “80,000 Muslim people live here right now, and all of their ancestors came here from the silk road.”

She also mentioned that historically, rice was hard to grow in the dry climate of Xian, but wheat brought here from the Silk Road introduced a variety of doughs and noodles to the local people.  “All of the noodles in Xian are all handmade,” she said during the interview, “and people are really really serious about their noodle.”

The CNN series on the Silk Road aired throughout June and July, but you can watch the full episodes online using the link above.

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