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Finally, make authentic recipes straight from China without the need to substitute any hard-to-find ingredients. These legit ingredients, combined with 5 tried and tested family recipes, will bring a taste of Sichuan straight to your own kitchen. You buy the perishables and leave the rest to us – the box has enough ingredients to make each recipe multiple times.
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In this box you’ll find all the pantry essentials for recipes that have been in our own families for generations. Each ingredient comes in plentiful quantities in case you want to revisit or tweak our versions. As we continue releasing more recipes, you’ll gain an appreciation and skill for one of the most popular cuisines in the world. If you are a fan of heavy flavors and have an urge to challenge your taste buds, this Sichuan food is going to be quite the adventure for you.

The items in our Sichuan Recipe Box are staples in any Sichuan kitchen, but they can be very hard, or impossible, to find outside of China. The beauty of these items is that a little bit goes a long way, and they will remain a part of your kitchen long enough to make each of our four recipes multiple times.

Sichuan food represents one of the eight major Chinese cuisines and enjoys a celebrated reputation at home and abroad for its dedication to spiciness. It’s capital, Chengdu, was made a UNESCO city of gastronomy and deservedly so; even within China, over 30% of restaurants serve Sichuan cuisine making it one of the most popular Chinese flavors in China itself.

In addition to the ingredients that come in this box, you’ll need to provide the perishable ingredients for each recipe, in addition to kitchen staples like salt, oil, and soy sauce.

Free shipping is included anywhere in the lower 48 US States and everywhere in China (including HK, Macau, and Taiwan). Stay tuned for additional destinations.

What You'll Get:

Our Recipes:

Your box ingredients will make each of our recipes multiple times. These are authentic family recipes from our team in China, who grew up watching their parents and grandparents make them and now make them for their own families.
Kung Pao Chicken Recipe
1 Review
30 mins
Mild, Authentic Family Recipe
Mapo Tofu Recipe
1 Review
30 mins
Spicy, Authentic Family Recipe
Sichuan Dry Pot Recipe
1 Review
45 mins
Spicy, Authentic Family Recipe
Dan Dan Noodle Recipe
1 Review
40 mins
Spicy, Authentic Family Recipe
Sichuan Steamed Chicken in Chili Sauce Recipe
1 Review
35 mins
Spicy, Authentic Family Recipe


Yes! You have the option to buy as many boxes as you like. However, you can only enter one shipping address per transaction. So if you would like to send boxes to different addresses, you will need to purchase each box separately.
Of course, we definitely recommend sending this to the Chinese food lovers that you know! At checkout, you will be able to specify a gift option and can even include a personalized note to the recipient.
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We ship from Portland, OR using standard USPS. Typically all orders will be processed and shipped within 5-7 business days. A tracking number will be provided to you by email when your box is shipped.
Unfortunately, no. Each item is hand selected by us and we truly believe you will be satisfied with all products. But we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.
Typically, yes! However, there may be slight variations depending on product availability. If we do have to make a similar substitution, we promise it will be just as delicious!
We do our best to pack all items tightly and securely, but sometimes things happen during shipping. Please contact us right away and we’ll make sure to replace the damaged item(s) as quickly as possible.
This box is probably the best way to get authentic food if you have dietary needs! As a tour company, it’s very important we provide a safe authentic experience for our tens of thousands of guests around the world. The same is true for these boxes. With this box, you can control what you’re getting, and it’s probably more authentic with better ingredients than most of the Asian restaurants nearby. Each of our boxes provide pantry essentials for you to add and omit allergen ingredients as you like, with everything being lactose-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan. We have also included allergen info inside each box, with recipe alternatives and substitutions for special diets. If you have any further questions about dietary needs, please send us a message!
If you’ve been on our tour, you’ll know we’re about big eats. You will not be getting any small sizes with us, these boxes have full-sized pantry items, with our recipes serving 4 massive portions. Count on +84 portions, depending on what recipes you make most.
The best part about making these recipes yourself is that you can make adjustments according to your personal preferences. It’s true, Sichuan cuisine is known for being spicy. But many people don’t realize that chili was introduced to Sichuan relatively late, and we pride ourselves about our wide use of ingredients. You’ll notice that most recipes also include sugar, and the complexity often reaches much further than just “spicy.” What’s our point? You can decrease the amount of spicy ingredients you use and the results will still taste great!

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