United Hemispheres Magazine Features Lost Plate

United Airlines made an exciting announcement this year when they created America’s first direct route between the USA and China.  Starting in May, United will offer this flight three days a week on their state-of-the-art 787 Dreamliner.

If you have traveled to Xian from the US, you know it’s not the most convenient destination. This new route will make Xian and its best attractions a lot more accessible to travelers around the world.

The March edition of the airline’s magazine featured some of these attractions, including Lost Plate Food Tours and their founder Ruixi Hu.

“The evening is a blur of tuk-tuk rides, on-the-go beers, and delicacies from unassuming shops: lamb skewers garnished in cumin and chili; soup dumplings and sweet ‘eight treasure’ porridge with osmanthus, hawthorn, jujube, and lotus seeds; and a finale of spinach noodles served with Ice Peak orange soda,” the article’s author writes.

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As one of the top-rated things to do in Xian, Lost Plate is constantly working with travel providers to highlight the amazing history and attractions the city has to offer. Ruixi is so happy she could work with United on letting the world know why they should visit Xian.

Lost Plate Food Tours offers 3-4 hour small group tours aimed at introducing the best flavors and culture through local food. They guarantee an experience that will get you off the beaten path to eat where the locals eat, at places you would never find on your own.

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