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Xian is where it all started for us, and we will always love this amazing city full of incredible food and history. All of our Xian food tour guides are from the area because only locals can give you the real taste of Xian’s food, culture and activities. They are also just amazing and passionate people, if we don’t say so ourselves! Want to see for yourself? Take a look at their recommendations for Xian and learn a bit more about them below!











Meet Ruixi, Our Founder & Tour Guide

Why did you decide to become a Xian Food Tour Guide with Lost Plate?
Rui: I love to introduce my hometown’s foods to the world! My favorite part is when my guests cannot stop saying “The food is amazing.”
Harvey: I like to talk with different people to learn and share our experiences. I can really help people to understand our country and have a lot of fun with people eating good food. My favorite is talking about the background of the stories for each food, restaurant and neighborhood we visit so people understand what they are eating and seeing.
What is your favorite food in Xian and where is your favorite place to get it?
Alex: Porridge! The sweet porridge in Xian is amazing and I have to admit the best porridge I’ve had is where we take guests on our Xian Food Tours. This is the only stop we make on both morning and evening tours, it’s just that good.
Harvey: That is a big question for me because I love food and China has so much variety! There are some foods that I always miss if I don’t have them for a while which are Chinese Burger and Cold Noodles. You can check out my recommendations for the best burgers and best noodles in Xian on our blog, or come along on our Xian Evening Tour and we’ll show you ourself!
Why is China such a great place to visit and what is your favorite place?
Rui: China is such a historical and multi-cultural country. I recommend visiting Xian, China’s largest capital city from the past, and Beijing, the country’s current capital city. They are still so different and you will experience two sides of China.
Harvey: I love China and it is such a good place for traveling! I decided to become a local guide so I could travel all over China for 10 years. Now it’s time for me to settle down and stay in Xian.
What makes Xian such a special place?
Rui: Xian served as a capital city for 13 dynasties for a total period of 1,100 years, longer than any other ancient capital in China. It is still a very historical city with many things to see that you can’t find in other cities, like the city wall, Muslim quarter and the wild goose pagoda.
What are a couple things that every tourist needs to see in Xian?
Alex: My favorite thing to see in Xian is the city wall. It’s a great thing to see all year long, and I recommend going just before sunset so you can see the light change as you cycle around and finish in the dark.

I also really like the Muslim quarter. I already mentioned that the best porridge is here. Sometimes I’ll go for BBQ instead, and I get noodles every time. My favorite part is to see the view outside from a restaurant around 7-8pm in the summer. The sky is getting dark but not totally black. It looks like it has a mysterious old Hong Kong style, there aren’t many places like this left in China.

Harvey: Definitely the 2000 years old terracotta warriors, the 1000 years old wild goose pagoda, and the 600 years old City Wall. Our Xian Travel Guide covers it all!
Where is the best place to go outside of Xian for a day trip or weekend?
Ruixi: I think Hua Shan Mountain is the best thing to see outside of the city, and people should make time to visit this beautiful landscape. My partner Brian and I actually first met while hiking on this mountain, so it is an especially special place for me! We put together a guide on getting to a hiking Hua Shan to help you out!
Rui: I love the countryside because it is beautiful and it brings so many old memories for me because it’s where my grandparents always lived. I still go to visit them sometimes.
Tell us something interesting about yourself that you’d like your customers to know.
Alex: My Chinese zodiac animal is a pig! When I was little my mom used to yell at me and call me lazy like a pig. I think I’ve got a bit better though.
Rui: My husband, parents and grandparents all grew up in Xian. I went to the US to get my masters in Nutritional Sciences, but the food and feelings I have for Xian called me back!
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What You Said About Our Xian Tour Guides

“We did the evening tour of several small local restaurants, away from other tourist filled areas. Our guide, Harvey, was full of information about the food, the city, the people, and China. Harvey was enjoyable to talk with, and made the tour fantastic. This Lost Plate Food Tour was a highlight of my visit to Xian. Thanks!”
Eric J, TripAdvisor

“This tour was AMAZING. Alex is an incredibly engaging guide and we had so many interesting discussions about not only food, but Xian and broader Chinese history and culture. I’m Australian born Chinese and I’ve lived in/visited China more times than I can count – but this tour was a real eye-opener and I highly recommend it to first-timers and residents alike!”
liviae_1, TripAdvisor