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Our Affiliate Program:

5% Commission

With an avg. ticket price of $75 USD, and most bookings for 2 people, this gives you an avg. commission of $7.50 USD per sale.

Get $5 USD Off For Your Audience

Earn through a unique promo code on your site. Get the best for your viewers and encourage repeat visits.

Improved Tracking = More Commission

No cookie life! Your personal promo code never expires.

No Minimum Sales Requirements

Even a single affiliate sale gets paid because you’ve earned it. Payments are automatically processed monthly into your account.

Monthly Report Access

Monitor your sales performance and optimize your content to earn more.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager & Creative Support

Support & access to our creative library, and easy implementation whenever you need it.

Program Details:

We’re looking for content creators in travel or food related channels for all our tours and food box products, who actively post regularly on their channels, get good viewership numbers and have good engagement. 

Engagement is always a bigger deal to us than pure follower count – it’s our best indicator of your content and how you connect to your audience. 

There’s no fixed criteria on minimum viewership. We also look closely at the quality of content you’d like to produce with us, and we strongly prefer permanent articles/videos combined with social media posts, rather than just simple social media posts/stories. With our affiliates, we always find that the more time they put into the collaboration, the more money they make.

  • We offer reward-based commission on sales only, not click-through. Instead of an affiliate link, we give you a unique Promo Code that you can give to your audience. You earn 5% commission from each sale that the promo code was used, plus your audience receives a $5 USD discount for each booking.
  • The Promo Code does not expire, so even if the audience sees your content and uses the code months later, you’re still rewarded.
  • For each month you had a sale, we’ll send you a PDF report that details every sale made with your unique promo code.
  • The report will show you which tour(s) were purchased, the date of the tour, the number of people booked on the tour, total booking value, and your commission amount.
  • Make informed decisions on content edits and see how your content optimizes performance based on real-time results.
  • You are paid only after the tour(s) has taken place, not immediately after purchase because we have a flexible cancellation policy (another thing to keep your audience at-ease while booking).
  • Payment is made on the 10th of every month for tours that occurred during the previous calendar month. For example, tours running between January 1-30 pay out on February 10. We payout in USD (everyone outside of China) or RMB (for within China).
  • We have an official USD and RMB rate for all our tours, set before the start of each year. This keeps expectations consistent between us, our partners, and vendors, so we don’t constantly renegotiate minor market fluctuations. If the tour was purchased in USD, but you’ve selected to be paid in RMB, your commission will be calculated based on our official RMB rate for that tour.
    • USD payout method: PayPal.
    • RMB payout methods: WeChat or Alipay.
  • We do not offer any tax deductions or Chinese fapiao receipts for this program.
  • In the event whereby the tour is canceled and a refund is given to the purchaser, commission will not be valid. 

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