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There’s more to coffee and donuts than you think! Visit several local craft coffee shops for an interactive look at what makes Portland crazy about coffee…plus a bunch of donuts along the way.

Lost Plate Portland Coffee Tour Beans
Lost Plate Portland Donut Tour Donuts
Lost Plate Portland Coffee Tour Nitro
Lost Plate Portland Coffee Donut Tour Breakfast


Mon/Wed/Fri at 10:30AM, Duration 2.5 Hours


Approx 1 Mile Walking


All Coffee & Donuts, Local Guide


Adults: $49


  • Unique Downtown Stops

  • Local Guide

  • Over 4 Kinds of Coffee

  • Vegetarian Friendly

  • Small Groups (2-12 pax)

  • Free Cancellation


  • Unique Downtown Locations

  • Local Guide

  • Food & Drinks Included

  • Vegetarian Friendly

  • Small Groups (2-12 pax)

  • Free Cancellation


Lost Plate Portland Food Tours Donuts


  • Stops: 4-5 local coffee and/or donut shops scattered throughout Downtown Portland.
  • Start Location: A locally owned & operated craft coffee shop in downtown Portland! Full details and directions will be provided by email immediately after booking.
  • End Location: At the most unique donut shop in Portland, less than a mile from the starting location (hint: it’s not Voodoo!).
  • Dietary Requirements & Allergies: If your diet does not allow coffee or donuts then this tour is not for you. This tour is not recommended for caffeine-free individuals, but can be accommodated if requested, and caffeine-free substitutions are not available at every stop. Please note all donut shops use ingredients containing gluten, soy, eggs, and dairy.


  • At least three different types of coffee and plenty of donuts at a total of 4-5 different stops. Every stop locally produces all of their food & drink items.
  • Walk around the bustling streets of downtown to discover Portland’s quirkiness and learn more than you ever knew possible about coffee!
  • Learn the technique to pouring the perfect cup of coffee from a barista extraordinaire.
  • Sample the local’s favorite donuts at a delicious downtown shop.
  • Stand in Pioneer Courthouse Square and learn all about “Portland’s Living Room”.
  • Visit our favorite Portland donut shop and find out why their donuts take 3 days to make.
  • Plus a few surprises!

Lost Plate Portland Coffee Tour Morning

  • We do not visit Voodoo Donuts or Blue Star Donuts during this tour. These are on the common tourist track and we only take guests to off the beaten path spots that are frequented by locals.
  • Our tour routes change regularly depending on vendor opening hours and tour schedules. Your tour experience may be slightly different than what’s described above, but we promise it will always be awesome.

Lost Plate Portland Coffee Donutb Tour Pour
Lost Plate Portland Donut Cofree Tour Donut
Lost Plate Portland Coffee Tour Nitro Glass
Lost Plate Portland Donut Tour Fritter

Try a variety of locally roasted drip coffees

See why Portlanders are addicted to donuts

Nitro coffee straight from the tap

The best fritter you’ve ever had!

Our Portland Food Tour Reviews

“Lost Plate Food Tours in Portland is a great way to see parts of the city you otherwise wouldn’t and eat some delicious food you wouldn’t know about. Our guide and the restaurant choices were as eclectic as the bits of facts she enlightened us with as we walked. The food was fantastic, I would recommend this tour to anyone!”

“If you’re foodie who loves to find interesting local places serving fabulous, innovative food with a great insight from your guide, this is your tour. Lost Plate does a fabulous job – comfortable, delicious, informative and just plain fun! A wonderful food tour that is dialed into the Portland food scene!”

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All of our Portland food tours are led by one of our local guides. Learn about the city’s best food and drinks through your passionate local insider!


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