Shanghai Evening Food Tour

Daily at 6:30pm Duration: 3.5 hours

$69 USD per adult, $55 USD per child

Approx. 2km walking

The Essentials:

In 1936, half of Shanghai was controlled by foreign powers. For decades, its had a negative birth rate and millions of immigrants, meaning the inheritance of the true cuisine of old Shanghai is limited to select insiders. On this tour, you’ll try at least 10 dishes on a journey through the clandestine cuisine of old-Shanghai, hiding in plain sight in the French Concession.


Far more than a meal’s worth of food, local beer, and soft drinks at 4 sit-down, safe-to-eat restaurants, plus one craft beer bar.

Group Size

Small groups of 2-12 people per tour.

Start & End Location

Starts at Jiashan Road Subway Station. Ends 10 minutes walk away from South Shaanxi Road Subway Station. An email will be sent with detailed meeting location details immediately after booking.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled 24 hours or more before your tour start time are fully refundable.

Dietary Requirements​

We are happy to welcome vegetarians, but please let us know prior to your tour date as same-day requests cannot be guaranteed. Those with dietary requests will not always have direct substitutes for every dish. This tour is not recommended for vegans or gluten-free eaters. Please message us prior to booking if you have any questions.

What You'll Do:

Meeting Location:

This tour starts at Jiashan Road Subway Station in the heart of the French Concession. An email will be sent with detailed meeting location details immediately after booking.

Shanghai's Famous Soup Dumplings

Xiaolongbao (local for soup dumplings) are Shanghai’s most famous claim to fame, but do you know how to tell the good from the great? We’ll let you know at our favorite local dumpling joint that can compete with the touristy Michelin recommended restaurants.

Try All the Carbs

Scallion noodles, dumplings with sesame sauce, local curry, and more! Don’t forget to check out the kitchen on your way in, the labor intensive pan-fried-bun making process has been selected as Local Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Explore Shanghai's French Concession by Foot

Discover the homes and lanes that laid the foundation of this quaint neighborhood, now home to long-time locals and trendy markets, cafes, and bars. As we walk, we’ll visit restaurants that are hidden in plain sight and only visited by those “in the know.”

Discover Classic Shanghainese Dishes

Two words: Pork Belly. Shanghai’s favorite dish takes an entire day to prepare, and for a good reason. Enjoy this plus other “only in Shanghai” dishes that celebrate quality ingredients with fresh preparation.

Shanghai's Sweet Secret

Driven by a passion for dessert and community spirit, the Shanghainese owner of this cozy shop caters to the local neighborhood, crafting fresh desserts without pre-made shortcuts. Fresh mango atop chilled sago cream with a dash of pomelo…we’re drooling already!

Local Craft Beer Taphouse

Mingle street-side or cozy-up inside this 15-seat taphouse for an inside look (and taste) into China’s evolving micro-brewery scene. The taphouse is located near to South Shaanxi Road Subway Station.

Plus More Surprises!

* This itinerary is subject to changes and adjustments based on daily vendor operations and availability, but it will always be awesome.

Where to eat in a city of 26 million inhabitants?

Shanghai is a mind-bendingly huge modern metropolis, carved up by foreign occupiers since the 19th century and modernized at lightning speed over the last 3 decades. Through it all, there’s been a preservation of Chinese tradition; totally hidden behind modern facades and tiny alleyways.

The clue even lies in the name: did you know that the word for old-Shanghai cuisine is “Benbang” meaning local? Local, as opposed to outsider. Think about that, a food culture that’s chosen its name and identity in relation to foreigners in their own homeland. And when you walk around, there’s plenty of outsider food on display – but where do the insiders eat? (Hint: With us. It’s with us.) Characterized by meticulous presentation, delicateness, and a refined use of quality ingredients, this insider’s cuisine is truly an art form you don’t want to miss.

Shanghai Evening Food Tour Skyline

Featured In:

Discovering Bourdain’s Lost Shanghai

“In a tiny shop just off the main street noodles come topped with caramelized green onions harboring tiny pieces of pork which are then mixed. The experience is all about the food, Bourdain would have loved it.”

Shanghai Evening Food Tours Featured on World Travel Magazine

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We are not a tasting tour, we provide much more than a full meal’s worth of food so we recommend you come prepared to eat.

This menu features a minimum of 8 dishes depending on group size and dietary requirements. Food is varied and plentify, and there’s also unlimited bottled water, soft drinks, and local beer until we reach the taphouse, where we’ll provide your first pint!

When booking online, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or special requests. Please use this field to let us know about your requests and we will follow up if there are any problems or questions. 

Our tours have been designed to accommodate as many diets as possible, including vegetarian, while still remaining stupid delicious. Just keep in mind that there will be dishes that don’t have a direct substitute – many of the places we visit specialize in one type of cuisine/dish, and therefore don’t always provide a lot of alternatives. Please let us know prior to your tour date as same day requests cannot be guaranteed. This tour is not recommended for gluten free or vegan diets.

This is a walking tour; let’s just get that out of the way. This tour covers about 2 km/ 1.25 miles by foot, so we recommend leaving the heels at home. This distance is split up between 5 stops, so it’s roughly a 5-10 minute walk between each stop and a great chance to digest a bit before the next stop. We also find that exploring by foot is the best way to enjoy the sights of the French Concession.

Our child pricing is valid for ages 4 through 15. Children ages 3 and under are free.

The tour starts at 6:30pm at Jiashan Road subway station which services subway lines 9 and 12. You’ll get the exact address, directions, and transportation details immediately after booking.

The tour ends at a brewery a short walk away from South Shaanxi Road subway station. Your guide will point you in the right direction for wherever you need to go next, or you are welcome to stay at the bar as long as you like!

Our minimum is 2 and maximum is 12. There’s no flag to follow, or megaphone, or tacky uniforms. It’s small enough to be intimate, but big enough to get away with trying several dishes at each stop. You’ll get plenty of face-time with the experts. Bottom line is, you’ll follow the guide through a super-local experience and make friends along the way.

The tours usually last about 3-4 hours, depending on everyone’s pace, tastes, and interests – we try to personalize each tour as much as possible to the group.

All of our tours are rain-or-shine, so we suggest you dress for the weather. In rare cases of extreme weather, your guide will cancel the tour and provide a full refund.

Yes we do! If you would like to book a special tour for your group, just contact us and we’ll take care of you.

We have many happy customers who do more than one of our tours across China! We have designed our tours to focus only on food from each city. This means that each dish, story, and vibe is unique to each tour and there aren’t any repeats.

Most people are very surprised how much the cuisine changes as they travel throughout China, and our tours are a good way to discover those differences. We encourage you to pick the tours that best fit your itinerary and we offer a 10% discount if booking more than one tour.

Yes! You’ll get a promo code in your confirmation email that will give you a 10% discount on all future Lost Plate tours. It doesn’t matter if the tour is in the same city or a different city, we want to keep feeding you as long as you let us. Also, children ages 4 through 15 receive a discount on all tours (3 & under are free).

Bookings canceled 24 hours or more before your tour are fully refundable (100% refund). Bookings canceled within 24 hours notice are not refundable. If you would like to reschedule your tour with less than 24 hours notice, we will need to charge 50% of your total since we are unable to fill your spots at short notice.

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Shanghai Evening Food Tour

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