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Food tours are the fastest growing experience category on TripAdvisor and becoming the new Big Thing in travel, and Lost Plate is at the forefront of it. We’ve been on the scene since before it really was a scene, and specialize in in-depth research, awesome storytelling, and food that’s stupid delicious. 

Food tells you many things, and one lesson is that great things are team efforts. We work with partners across the globe based on a win-win-win relationship. Partners (maybe you!) have always been a huge part of our success. We’re committed to helping our partners impress their clients and team by providing a unique and unforgettable culinary and cultural experience in all of our destinations.

We like to work with:

  • Travel Wholesalers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Destination Management Companies
  • MICE & Event Organizers
  • Tour Operators
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Operators
  • Hotels
  • Study Abroad Organizations
  • Expat Networks & Associations
  • Relocation Companies
  • Team Building Companies
  • Human Resources: Reward/Engagement Department

Partners We Work With:

Partner With Lost Plate Marriott
Partner With Lost Plate Delta
Partner With Lost Plate Audley
Partner With Lost Plate Nestle
Partner With Lost Plate Travel Portland
Partner With Lost Plate US Embassy
Partner With Lost Plate ISP
Partner With Lost Plate Qantas
Partner With Lost Plate Mercedes
Partner With Lost Plate British Embassy
Partner With Lost Plate Shangrila
Partner With Lost Plate Georgia Tech
Partner With Lost Plate Tui
Partner With Lost Plate Kinareiser
Partner With Lost Plate Beijing International School
Partner With Lost Plate Dulwich College
Partner With Lost Plate CTW
Partner With Lost Plate Shanghai Expat Association
Partner With Lost Plate University of Alabama

Plus many more!

Key Stats:

Avg. Global NPS Score:

+ 50


To give an indication: according to Fred Reichheld,
the creator of the NPS system, the average
American company scores less than 10
on the NPS, while the highest performing
organizations are situated between 50 and 80.

5-Star Review Rate:

40 %

Right now that’s almost 3000 5-star reviews since we began our tours. And you should see them – they’re long, detailed, and enthusiastic.

Number of Guests:

10 k

Of them, 1 in 5 are repeat customers, usually doing more than two tours with us. Some guests are loyal followers, planning holiday routes around our new tours. One Beijing expat holds the record for joining our evening tour 11 times. 

Word of Mouth Bookings:

0 %

In our industry, that’s almost ridiculous. Not only do many of our guests leave us reviews and return, but they bring friends and family along too – or tell fellow travelers in passing.

7 Reasons to Work With Us:

Xian Food Tours Led by Local Guides

1. We're the #1 Food Experience in the World...

…according to Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards. Our tours also won #2, and #10 in the world, making us the number #1 company to occupy the top of the charts.

2. Our Tasty Commitment.

We routinely check out other tours and other F&B players in every market we’re in, and we rarely see guests full-on rave about the food as they do on our tours. It takes an average of 3 months to identify 4 stops that are damn delicious and tell a tasty story.

Xian Evening Food Tour Dumpling Porridge
Cambodia Food Tours Experiences by Locals

3. Our Health & Safety Priority.

Our long research period also involves a variety of safety checks and inspections. Food safety is our #1 priority. We are also meticulous about allergen presence and possible safeguards at each stop, so we can provide guests a safe experience without compromising authenticity. Read more about our health & safety here.

4. We Are Uniquely Local.

Too many food tour operators are picking their locations from the Michelin Guides or Lonely Planet, just cross-reference their itineraries and you’ll see a road well-traveled. We know the best tours are a result of a lot of hard work. We are locals, and we spend months experiencing authentic restaurants and curating our own stories while working with families who have long-lasting legacies in their communities. 

Beijing Breakfast Hutong Food Tour Mongol Beef
Xian Food Tours Noodle About

5. Incredibly Engaging Guides & Tours.

Food is the only art form that engages every single one of your senses. Beyond that, we get into the nitty-gritty: home-cooked meals in thousand-year-old villages, clandestine dumpling shops only accessible by crawling through a window, or even get in the kitchen with chefs to try your hand at pulling noodles.

6. Dedicated to Fun (and Beer).

Our whole ideology is that learning can be fun, no trade-offs necessary. Our evening tours include (often free-flow) beers and every one of our tours has enough built-in adventure and new experiences to create memories that last forever – and make great dinner party stories.

Portland Food Cart Tour Craft Beer
Portland Food Tours Local Insiders

7. Professional.

Because we’re on the floor right along with our guests, we work hard to make it look like we aren’t working hard at all. As one of the first in the industry, we’ve had to pioneer our own best-practices, discussing this in our weekly stand-ups, and evaluating competitors on their successes and shortfalls. We have SOPs for every emergency, rigorous training programs for guides and drivers, live-chat functions to reach us any time, 24h maximum response time guarantees, a full customer support team, and instant-booking functions, all of which are well beyond industry standards.

What You Get:

  • We offer competitive rates & commissions, alongside our no-hassle booking process and best-in-class cancelation policy.
  • Get access to our extensive media library to promote our tours and make your itineraries/programs look attractive.
  • Sit back, and let us do the work for you. We’re a heavy-lifting team and our customer service team works 24/7, 7 days a week to promptly assist you with your queries and requests.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager that’ll help you with onboarding, regular product training, product updates, and communication.

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