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Attention All Food Nerds:
You Found Your People.

Portland Food Tours Small Group Cheers

Finally, you found your dream job.

  • Are you “that friend” in your group with all the restaurant recommendations?
  • Can you argue about what makes a dish authentic and why?
  • Is your social media feed 50% foodstuffs?
  • Do you plan your schedule around meals, or do meals fit into your schedule?
We think you know what answers we’re looking for. If you’re not passionate, our guests can feel it. Whether you’re in our office or on the ground running tours, your enthusiasm and initiative matter.

Create Memories That People Will Remember Forever.

We believe that food is the ultimate link to bringing people together – things are stupid delicious in every language. So we’ve made it our mission to change the way people think about food and its role in the universe by sharing the living history of cuisine by the hands that make it. If we do our job right, our guests will remember you and their time with you forever. We know they will because they tell us they do!

We’re a small family business that works with small family businesses on every level of the value chain. And because we’re a small business, you’ll not only create lasting memories for our guests, but you’ll also make a huge impact on our team.

Lost Plate Jobs Now Hiring

We Live to Eat and Love Our Work.

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers. There isn’t exactly a university degree or prerequisite career track that creates an ideal “food travel company” candidate. Our team is made up of experienced people with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, but what we have in common is a passion for food and the culture that it brings.

At Lost Plate, everyone has an opportunity to succeed, to be heard, to be challenged, and to exchange ideas openly. Every day you’ll see direct feedback from our guests, which is the best reward you can get.

What Does It All Mean?

  • We trust everyone we hire, and that you’re good at what you do, so you have the freedom and autonomy to make your mark on our team.​
  • We welcome everyone; our workplace and experiences are inclusive and safe.​
  • We thrive on all feedback, from customers and from within our team, to constantly improve.​
  • We take our jobs seriously, and our team meals are bonkers.​

Join the World’s Best Food Tour Company.

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We're Now Hiring:

Location: Beijing or Dali, China
We are looking for an experienced customer service professional to take care of our English-speaking customers by email, phone and chat.
Location: Portland, OR USA
Do you have an outgoing personality and can never stop talking to people? Can you entertain a crowd of strangers and get them to interact with each other? Do you love food, Portland, and all the entertainment Oregon has to offer? Apply now!
Location: Beijing, China
We are looking for a full-time operations manager who will ensure every guide and tour is perfect by being on the ground to train guides, implement improvements and new products, and be the go-to expert for everything about our food tours.
Location: Yunnan, China
This is a salaried full-time position for a trip leader who will lead two 8-day trips per month. The applicant is preferably based anywhere in Yunnan, but is open to applicants anywhere in China.