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Visit several locally run food carts, relax on warm Portland patios, and eat a huge selection of diverse foods. Get up close and personal with food cart owners while eating their dishes, drinking tasty beverages, and exploring Portland’s up-and-coming Eastside.
$95 USD
There’s more to coffee and donuts than you think! Try at least 3 types of coffee and multitudes of donuts at a total of 4-5 stops that locally roast or produce all of their food & drink items. There’s also plenty of quirky Portland history along the way, and interactive lessons from the experts themselves.
$59 USD
Enjoy unlimited food and beer and/or soft drinks on this authentic evening food tour by tuktuk that gets you deep into our favorite neighborhoods where locals eat. During this adventure you’ll discover how deep Cambodian cuisine reaches within Southeast Asian culture.
$65 USD
See how Cambodians wake up and start their day on our morning market and breakfast tour by tuktuk. Discover hidden neighborhoods, sip on some local coffee, and experience our vibrant Khmer culture – you’ll definitely want to skip your hotel breakfast for this!
$39 USD
Discover the wonder of temple town by tuktuk with local guides and hosts that have deep roots in Siem Reap. This food tour escapes the tourist traps and includes a countryside village visit for a home-cooked meal during sunset. You’ll get unlimited food and beer at 5 different stops while enjoying an exclusive experience you simply can’t get anywhere else.
$69 USD
This all-inclusive full-day tour combines our Sunset Evening Food Tour with a day of temple hopping through Angkor Wat and a selection of our favorite lesser visited, awe-inspiring temples. This is the ultimate way to experience the essence of Siem Reap’s culinary scene while exploring Cambodia’s rich history with our knowledgeable guides.
$145 USD
Try local Han, Mongol, and Muslim cuisines (plus more!) at Beijing’s most authentic restaurants. This top-rated walking food tour will explore the historic hutong alleys of Beijing while making stops at our favorite off the beaten path eateries.
$69 USD
Eat massive courses at 4 restaurants specializing in cuisines from the 4 corners of China, and learn about how and why they vary on this van-serviced tour through the heart of Beijing. We’re talking a combination of flavors you never imagined coming from one country, that are also paired with local beverages. Come curious and ready to eat.
$92 USD
Sample up to 15 dishes and several drinks across 7 locations on this walking tour of Beijing’s historic hutongs. Exploring a historic hutong best seen on foot, this tour covers everything from the history of Beijing to daily life at the market.
$55 USD
30% of all restaurants in China serve Sichuan cuisine, making it the most popular Chinese cuisine in China. In the world of food, that’s definitely a big deal. Come and see the best the capital of Sichuan cuisine has to offer, on a tour designed by our founder Ruixi Hu, who is born and raised here in Chengdu. This tuk-tuk tour includes unlimited food, beer, and soft drinks where you’ll try at least 10 dishes across 4+ stops, plus one local bar.
$69 USD
Start the day by exploring Lijiang’s oldest market to shop for your cooking class, with hands-on instruction led by a local Naxi minority family. Each person will prepare and eat three dishes.
$55 USD
In 1936, half of Shanghai was controlled by foreign powers. For decades, its had a negative birth rate and millions of immigrants, meaning the inheritance of the true cuisine of old Shanghai is limited to select insiders. On this tour, you’ll try at least 10 dishes and enjoy unlimited beers and soft drinks on your journey through the clandestine cuisine of old Shanghai, hiding in plain sight in the French Concession.
$69 USD
Imagine a city that has been wealthy for thousands of years – what would their street food look like? On this tour, you’ll walk through lush gardens and 800-year old monasteries while stopping to enjoy Suzhou’s incredibly rich food and culture, in true Suzhou fashion.
$55 USD
For 16 centuries, Xian stood as the crossroads of the world in trade and taste. Today, this leaves behind an amazing food culture to explore on this tuktuk serviced tour to try at least 10 dishes. Enjoy unlimited food, beer, and soft drinks zipping through millenia-old alleyways, hidden sections of the Muslim quarter, and ancient city gates to get a true taste of the Silk Road on TripAdvisors’s #1 Rated Food Experience in the World.
$69 USD
The Muslim quarter is full of eateries that consistently sell out before lunch, one of China’s oldest and largest markets, and sensory experiences you have to be there in person to believe. See how many times you can be surprised in 3 hours on this morning tour that covers Xian breakfast staples you won’t find anywhere else in China.
$55 USD
Come discover the dishes that only locals know about on this walking tour that makes 5+ stops through a rarely visited residential neighborhood where Canton’s upper class called home for centuries.
$59 USD
Experience Cambodia’s stunning (and delicious) highlights on this all-inclusive 7-day trip. This one-of-a-kind experience travels from the capital city of Phnom Penh, through the vibrant countryside of Battambang, and finishes with a bang in Siem Reap with Angkor Wat’s ruined temples. We’ll discover Cambodia’s incredible cuisine, history, and beauty, and meet the locals who have called this place home for generations.
As the hot-spot of Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu has been an UNESCO City of Gastronomy for over a decade. From local street food to roundtable hotpots, come experience why Chengdu and its cuisine are so special and unique.
Discover China’s premier wine destination as we spend 4 days wine tasting our way through the wild northwest wine region of Ningxia. From exploring the area’s sprawling boutique vineyards situated against a rugged mountain backdrop, to enjoying copious amounts of lamb, beef, and noodles famous in the area, get ready for a delicious drink-filled adventure!
Visit the ancient city of Xian that has been a culinary center of gravity for millenia. At the end of the Silk Road, Xian has the definitive say in how three continents and 11,000 kilometers can crescendo in flavor. From hand-pulled noodles to fried stewed chicken (yes, you read that right) to local organic ice cream, you’ll need to bring along your stretchy pants for this one.
Explore Guilin and Yangshuo away from the tourist traps on our food-forward 4-day trip through China’s most famous landscape. From eating all of the best (and unique) local dishes to exploring the countryside in vintage sidecars to boutique poolside views, get ready for a delicious adventure like no other!
Spend 8 days in the land of cured ham legs, homemade breads, bubbling bowls of rice noodles, and fried local cheese. We’ll eat our way through Yunnan’s Tea & Horse Caravan Road, from Dali to Lijiang, plus a unique overnight stay in Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Spend 8 days traveling throughout Yunnan’s Tibetan region wine tasting, feasting on incredible Tibetan and local minority cuisine, and getting up close and personal with some of the highest peaks in China.
This gift card has a value of $25 that can be used on ANY Lost Plate food tour in ANY city. The full amount does not need to be used at the same time and it never expires.
$25 USD
This gift card has a value of $50 that can be used on ANY Lost Plate food tour in ANY city. The full amount does not need to be used at the same time and it never expires.
$50 USD
This gift card has a value of $75 that can be used on ANY Lost Plate food tour in ANY city. The full amount does not need to be used at the same time and it never expires.
$75 USD
This gift card has a value of $100 that can be used on ANY Lost Plate food tour in ANY city. The full amount does not need to be used at the same time and it never expires.
$100 USD
This gift card has a value of $190, the exact amount for two people to join our Portland Food Cart Tour. The full amount does not need to be used at the same time and it never expires.
$190 USD

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Children ages 3 and under are free on all of our tours. Some of our tours offer child pricing between the ages of 4-15. Check each tour description for more details.

Yes we do! If you are a single individual, or would like to book a special tour for your organization or group, just contact us and we’ll take care of you.

Bookings cancelled 2 days (48 hours) or more before your tour are fully refundable (100% refund). Bookings cancelled within 48 hours notice are not refundable. Cancellations must be communicated by email to info@lostplate.com or by phone. If you would like to reschedule your tour with less than 48 hours notice, we will need to charge 50% of your total since we are unable to fill your spots at short notice.

We sure do! If you decide to do more than one tour with us we are happy to offer you a 10% discount off your total amount. It doesn’t matter if the tour is in the same city or a different city, we want to keep feeding you as long as you let us. Our online booking system will automatically deduct the discount from your total if booking online at the same time. If you decide to add more tours later, your original confirmation email will include a promo code to use on those bookings. Also, children ages 4-15 receive a discount on many of our tours (3 & under are free).

All of our tours are rain-or-shine, so we suggest you dress for the weather. In rare cases of extreme weather, your guide will cancel the tour and provide a full refund.

We have many happy customers who do more than one of our tours in Beijing and across China! We have designed our tours to focus only on food from each city. This means that each dish, story, and vibe is unique to each tour and there aren’t any repeats.

Most people are very surprised how much the cuisine changes as they travel throughout China, and our tours are a good way to discover those differences. We encourage you to pick the tours that best fit your itinerary and we offer a 10% discount if booking more than one tour.

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