Phnom Penh Morning Market & Breakfast Tour

Daily at 8:30am

Duration 3 Hours

$39 USD per Adult

$29 USD Children 4-15

Tour Operated by Tuktuk

The Essentials:

See how Cambodians wake up and start their day on our morning market and breakfast tour by tuktuk.  Discover hidden neighborhoods, sip on some local coffee, and experience our vibrant Khmer culture – you’ll definitely want to skip your hotel breakfast for this!


This tour includes food and drinks at 5-6 stops where you’ll enjoy a selection of sit-down restaurants, street-food stalls, a market, and a cafe.

Group Size

Small groups of 2-8 people per tour.

Start & End Location

Hotel pick-up is included from centrally located hotels. The tour will end at a cafe near the Russian Market.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled 48 hours or more before your tour start time are fully refundable.

Dietary Requirements

Fish sauce is an essential ingredient in Khmer cuisine.  This tour will be difficult for those who cannot eat fish sauce, and additionally, meat broth. We visit small, family-run eateries that specialize in one thing, so vegetarian substitutions are not available at most places. Please contact us prior to booking if you have any questions or concerns.

What You'll Do:

Hotel Pick-up is Provided

You will be picked up at your hotel by tuktuk and whisked away to our favorite local neighborhoods around Phnom Penh for an authentic experience.

Coffee & Noodles

Start your morning at a favorite local hang-out that’s been serving the neighborhood breakfast for over 15 years. Sip on a selection of local coffee served alongside a bowl of savory noodle soup.

Local Wet Market

Stroll through a bustling open-air wet market, try what’s in-season, and walk away with a handmade souvenir…on us! Along the way, meet Sister Mao who sources freshly grown herbs to create her own fresh curry paste.

Pork & Rice

Visit Brother Salin and his family-run shop that serves up a classic Khmer breakfast. We’ll grab a plastic chair and sit street-side for some freshly grilled pork & rice served with homemade pickles and a rich bowl of soup.

Savory Turmeric Crepes

These popular savory crepes are made with rice milk and turmeric, which give them their vibrant yellow color. Then they’re stuffed with ground pork, bean sprouts, and dried shrimp before we wrap them by hand with lettuce and local herbs. Don’t forget the homemade dipping sauce!

Award-Winning Coffee

Finish with a signature coffee recipe that won this hip cafe the National Barista Gold Medal in Cambodia! The tour will end at the cafe, which is within walking distance to the Russian Market. Your guide can suggest how to get to your next destination.

Plus More Surprises!

* This itinerary is subject to changes and adjustments based on daily vendor operations and availability, but it will always be awesome.

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About This Tour:

Perhaps one of the most storied capital cities in the world, Phnom Penh has risen and fell multiple times since it was first established in the 5th century. The bustling city you see today, developing at warp speed and home to over 2 million people, was a very different place just decades ago – and many locals still prefer their traditional way of life.

Those traditions are still strong, and best seen exploring our vibrant local streets in the morning. Try a selection of freshly prepared sesame donuts, one of Cambodia’s most popular morning snacks. Discover our favorite Bai Sach Chrouk (pork with rice) vendor in Phnom Penh to see why it’s THE breakfast for locals. And watch Banh Xeo (savory stuffed pancakes) prepared fresh-to-order, radiating with their classic turmeric-yellow color. And don’t forget the local coffee!

While the city is known for its markets, the truth is that many of them these days cater only to tourists. But traditions abound if you know where to find them, and we’ll visit a less-traveled market to see what locals buy and walk away with a souvenir of our own.

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Take a look at some of our favorite moments from Lost Plate’s morning market and breakfast food tour!

Customer Reviews:


“We used this Lost Plate twice, first for the Evening Tour and then for the Morning Tour. Our guide was Neara and I have to say she is one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life, and probably one of the people who left the biggest impression on my stay in Cambodia. She had a special connection with the families and merchants we met, so in addition to learning more about the local food, we also got to know the lives of some of the people we dined with, which gave an incredibly authentic touch to our stay. Don’t eat anything before the tour because you will really eat a lot! This is an experience that I recommend to everyone visiting Cambodia and Phnom Penh.

Lost Plate Phnom Penh Breakfast Tour Review by Sarah


October 2023


“I decided to do this tour for my birthday while in Phnom Penh and what a great decision it was. I can’t say enough just how hospitable my tour guide Neara and tuk tuk driver were. I’ve heard Cambodia is lovely and the people are some of the most hospitable but this surpassed expectation. Neara is very knowledgeable and so kind to her community. She stopped by and greeted everyone along the way and ensured every vendor was taken care of. Every single meal on the tour was just so good. So happy to have spent my birthday doing this and with your team. Lovely experience.”

Lost Plate Phnom Penh Breakfast Tour Review by Departure


October 2023


“Awesome morning out sampling food and drinks at authentic / locals food places.
The locals, our tuktuk drivers, and guide Neara were so friendly and inviting – no one felt out of place. We even had some locals wanting to know about us as this tour is not on the main routes. Enjoy the walks in between your eats so you can try and fit in your next course!”

Lost Plate Phnom Penh Breakfast Tour Review by Nick


October 2023


“The tour was brilliant! Neara was an excellent and enthusiastic guide. We went to places we wouldn’t have found ourselves, and came away with full stomachs and a lot of knowledge about food culture in Cambodia. Recommended.”

Lost Plate Phnom Penh Breakfast Tour Review by Jeremy


September 2023


“Neara was our guide and she was absolutely brilliant! She picked me up from my hotel on my first day in Phnom Penh in a tuktuk and took us to hidden gems all around the city, tasting so many different dishes. I’m glad I heeded advice in reviews I had read and didn’t have breakfast. the food was delicious and Neara is clearly incredibly passionate about Cambodian food. We went to places that I never would have found (let alone tried) if I wasn’t on this tour. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Phnom Penh.”

Phnom Penh Evening Food Tour Review by Damien


August 2023


“Our guide was phenomenal. Personable, kind, informative, and engaging. Her English was flawless which was helpful since neither myself nor my partner speak Khmer. Every stop was a unique experience, run by mom and pops, and busy with locals and some tourists. Very quaint and traditional. Delicious food and diverse, with lots of new experiences. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, only a second stomach as we were stuffed about 3/4ths of the way through the tour.
Thank you again and I hope to see you again soon!”

Phnom Penh Breakfast Tour Review by Brendan


May 2023


This was an incredible tour!

“Definitely come hungry – you will go to many stops and by the dessert portion will be absolutely stuffed. Our guide was wonderful; very funny and experienced and engaged the group well. I had a great time as a solo traveler who was a bit nervous trying this experience out by myself. The variety of food given was also excellent.”

Phnom Penh Food Tour Review by Leah


May 2023


“Our guide was friendly, fun, and informative. We loved her. The locations were cool, and not all in the normal tourist areas. And of course, the food was incredible, a wide variety of awesome local dishes.”


April 2023


“Our guide Neara was wonderful – very fun and informative and all the food and drink was delicious! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Phnom Penh.”


April 2023


Highly recommend this experience!

“Neara was a fantastic guide – enthusiastic, went above and beyond (she helped us shop for souvenirs in the Russian Market after the tour), and as a Phnom Penh local it was great to get her perspective on the city and country. All the food was delicious – come hungry! And we went to spots that I definitely would not have found/explored on my own, making it a very authentic experience. We even got a sarong as a souvenir – my only regret is I didn’t have time to join the night tour as well!”

Phnom Penh Food Tour Review by Eric


March 2023


“We had an amazing time with our guide Neara! She took us to amazing local spots for food and drinks (we enjoyed everything we tried), and we learned so much. Neara was very friendly, an excellent and knowledgeable host, and we would recommend to everyone. This is one of the best local tours/food tours we have done throughout our travels. Thank you again for a great tour!”


March 2023


“Highly recommend this tour to anyone keen on not just tasting local food, but also getting a glimpse of how locals live! Our guide was awesome, he offers unique insight into Cambodian history and culture, he’s so so friendly, knowledgeable, and his jokes are hilarious! And the food. This tour covered breakfast AND lunch. The food was incredible and we were the only foreigners at every restaurant and market we visited. The portions were so generous (I’m stuffed) and varied and I am now on a caffeine high from all the delicious local coffee we tried! In summary, from the moment the tuktuk picked me up to the very end at a relaxing cafe next to the Russian market, every moment was perfectly planned.”


February 2023


“Such a great tour! The stops were local and the food was delicious and it was great to explore the market and try new things. Our guide was incredible. She could not have done more to share the food and culture with us. She explained everything and answered our questions and went out of her way to make sure we got to see and try everything we wanted The tour was fun from start to finish, I definitely recommend you make time for this while you’re in Phnom Penh!”


February 2023


Awesome Tour!

“Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and was so friendly and easy to talk to. The places that we went had excellent food! And beverages! The coffee! I never would have found this stuff on my own. Also – the inclusion of the small gift is such a nice touch! I have done many food tours and never experienced this before so it was much appreciated and made the tour stand out a bit more. Highly recommended.”

Phnom Penh Morning Tour Review by Robyn


February 2023

Frequently Asked Questions:

Come hungry because you will get a lot of food! We are not a tasting tour, we provide much more than a full meal’s worth of food so we recommend you skip breakfast before the tour and arrive hungry!

This tour also includes coffee during the tour, plus bottled water.

We have many happy customers who do all of our tours in each city! We have designed our tours to ensure that each dish is unique to each tour and there aren’t ANY repeats. This tour is extremely different from our evening tour and joining both tours would give you huge insight into the local foodie scene.

We encourage you to pick the tours that best fit your itinerary and we offer a 10% discount if booking more than one tour.

We sure do! If you decide to do more than one tour with us we are happy to offer you a 10% discount off your total amount. It doesn’t matter if the tour is in the same city or a different city, we want to keep feeding you as long as you let us. Our online booking system will automatically deduct the discount from your total if booking online at the same time. If you decide to add more tours later, your original confirmation email will include a promo code to use on those bookings. Also, children ages 4-15 receive a discount on all tours (3 & under are free).

Our tours have been designed to accommodate as many diets as possible while still remaining authentic and delicious.  We prepare our tour menu beforehand, so please let us know if you have special requirements when you book.

Please note that Khmer cuisine features a lot of fish sauce as a natural salt (don’t worry, it’s not fishy), which is the most common issue we follow-up with guests about.

Vegetarian: We can accommodate this, but please understand that substitutions are not available at the mom-n-pop places we visit. If you decide to join, you’ll be eating the same dish minus the meat. Your options will expand if you’re able to eat fish sauce and meat broth. This tour will be extremely limited for vegans.

Fun fact: there’s no Khmer word for vegetarian, even saying “no-meat diet” would still include fish/oyster sauces and meat-based broths, so saying vegetarian in Khmer would actually require a long-winded explanation. The closest thing to it, and how we explain it to our vendors, is “temple-food” which is the diet Buddhist monks observe, built around as little suffering and negative karma as possible.

Food allergies: This tour is adaptable to those who are gluten intolerant. Please let us know if you have any other allergies or restrictions.

Bookings cancelled 2 days (48 hours) or more before your tour are fully refundable (100% refund). Bookings cancelled within 48 hours notice are not refundable. Cancellations must be communicated by email to info@lostplate.com or by phone. If you would like to reschedule your tour with less than 48 hours notice, we will need to charge 50% of your total since we are unable to fill your spots at short notice.

Our minimum is 2 and maximum is 8. There’s no flag to follow, or megaphone, or tacky uniforms. It’s small enough to be intimate, but big enough to get away with trying several dishes at each stop. You’ll get plenty of face-time with the experts. Bottom line is, you’ll follow the guide through a super-local experience and make friends along the way. It is awfully common for our guests to continue the morning together after the tour.

The tour starts at 8:30am, and we offer free hotel pick-up at central locations. When you complete your booking online, you’ll be able to provide your hotel name and address (or you can notify us later if you’re not sure where you’re staying yet) and we will send you an estimated pick-up time the day before your tour, which is typically between 8:15-8:45am. We’ll meet you at the lobby with a Lost Plate sign .

The tour will end at a cafe near to the Russian Market. Your guide will be able to assist you about how to get wherever you’d like to go next.

Ask us anything,
we love a good question.

Phnom Penh Market & Breakfast Tour by Tuktuk


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