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There’s no better way to experience the bustling streets of Shanghai than by foot, so we’ve ditched our tuktuks and created Shanghai’s most authentic culinary experience! We seriously get off the beaten path to discover neighborhoods and restaurants that you would never find on your own all while enjoying the best food shoulder to shoulder with locals. We only eat food local to Shanghai, and we explore neighborhoods and communities that have been around as long as the city. Experience the best quality and flavors that you can get in Shanghai with us!

Shanghai Evening Food Tour
Old Shanghai Breakfast Tour

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Shanghai Evening Food Tour
Daily @ 6:30pm

This walking tour visits 4 seated eateries where you’ll eat over 12 authentic local dishes. Our stops are small, family-run restaurants that prepare their food by hand and serve it fresh, just like they have for generations. The tour ends at a family-friendly local craft beer pub for a drink on us!

All Food & Drinks Included
Approx 1.5km by Foot

415 RMB /Adult ($65 USD)
325 RMB /Child 4-15 ($50 USD)
Duration: Approx 3.5 Hours


What You May Experience:

  • Explore local streets & neighborhoods by foot as we try over 12 different dishes while visiting 4 seated, authentic Shanghai restaurants
  • Learn about the foods that locals love and why they became so popular as your local English-speaking guide explains each dish, restaurant and neighborhood we visit
  • Arrive at our meeting location at Shaanxi South Road Subway Station (details provided by email after booking) to meet your guide and new friends for the night (small groups of 10 people or less)
  • No trip to Shanghai is complete without trying our most famous dish; Soup Dumplings prepared fresh to order at our favorite dumpling shop in town.
  • Try a few authentic, traditional dishes that are every local’s favorite at a bustling local hangout
  • Enter a traditional Shanghai community and discover what modern Shanghai dishes are like shoulder to shoulder with locals
  • Slurp down the city’s most popular noodle dishes in a hidden local shop that’s been serving the same recipe for decades
  • Down a few beers (and water & soft drinks) during the night as we visit each family-friendly location
  • Finish the night at a fun & family-friendly pub for a pint of small-batch, locally brewed craft beer

shanghai food tours

shanghai noodles

shanghai xiaolongbao

Shanghai Food Tours

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Our Shanghai Food Tour Reviews

“Authentic, Shanghai Food Tours! If you want to try real Shanghai specialties, do this tour. The places Riuxi took us to, especially eating in a chef’s dining room with probably the best dish of the tour, is not something every other tour company can offer. We really liked the focus on giving business to eateries that are trying to make high quality, chemical-free food. Everything is local, including beers, the tour was a good distance and the history you learn along the way in between stops is fascinating.”

“What an incredible night with the Lost Plate team. The tour is reasonably priced (particularly in comparison to other tours on the market), with free flowing beer and water all night long. The places we visited for food were the top of the line – xiao long bao at a place that makes them by hand, hong shao rou at a local man’s dining room table, stuffed snails on the street with three Michelin star restaurants. And all the while our guide gave us insightful tidbits into the history of the area. I would highly recommend this tour to anybody new to town, or to folks like me who want to discover a little more about Shanghai outside of their usual comfort zone. A total slam dunk!”

Old Shanghai Breakfast Tour
Daily @ 9AM

This walking tour will take you through small streets and old communities while visiting over 6 eateries & street stalls and trying at least 10 authentic dishes. Enjoy vegetarian noodles in a temple, watch Shanghai’s famous fried potstickers & dumplings prepared fresh, visit a local wet market, sip some homemade herbal alcohol, plus a lot more as you feel like a local in this bustling area. This is the real Shanghai!

All Food & Drinks Included
Approx 1km by Foot

300 RMB /Adult ($48 USD)
150 RMB / Child 4-15 ($23 USD)
Duration: Approx 2 Hours

Old Shanghai Breakfast Tour

What You’ll Experience:

  • Explore local streets & Shanghai’s oldest communities by foot as we try over 10 different dishes that make breakfast the most important meal of the day in China
  • Meet your English-speaking guide at Tilanqiao Subway Station (details will be sent by email) for this small group experience (10 or less people)
  • Start by visiting a noodle shop connected to a temple that specialize in serving tasty, vegetarian noodles for monks and Buddhists
  • Walk through pedestrian streets and lanes that come alive with fresh, handmade (and safe) street food only served during the morning
  • Watch China’s most popular breakfast items prepared before eating them including fried beef pancakes, jianbing (savory Chinese crepes), and youtiao (Chinese doughnut sticks)
  • Take a seat and watch Shanghai’s famous pot-stickers and dumplings fried in giant pans
  • Sip on local beverages like fresh soy milk and homemade herbal alcohol with a few surprises
  • Visit a local wet market to see locals bargaining and buying fresh produce, meat and seafood and see what’s in season
  • Walk through some of Shanghai’s oldest residential communities to see how locals live their lives every day
  • Learn about this interesting and historic area from your local guide (and new friend!) and really get a feel for how locals have lived their lives in Shanghai for generations
  • End your morning by exploring a local temple, tickets included with your tour

Shanghai Breakfast Food Tour

Shanghai Breakfast Food Tour

Shanghai Breakfast Food Tour

Shanghai Breakfast Food Tour

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