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Chengdu is a special place for us because it’s our founders hometown! We are confident that we’re the true food experts in Chengdu because all of our Chengdu Tour Guides are from the area. Only our local guides can give you a real taste of Chengdu’s food, culture and activities. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at their recommendations for Chengdu and learn a bit more about them below!











Meet Ruixi, Our Founder & Tour Guide

Why did you decide to become a Chengdu Food Tour Guide with Lost Plate?
Ling: I’m always very passionate about food whenever I travel, and I always explore the local wet markets in each place I visit. I love to learn stories about food, the history behind each ingredient, and the reasons for different cooking methods. Chinese food and Sichuan cuisine are magnificent, I just love the idea of showing people the real local food that they can’t miss, not the tourist food or restaurants.
Leon: I always say as a local person, I have seen the city’s past and present. I have a lot to share with travelers on how much Chengdu and China has changed. I always tell guests that doing this tour makes me feel responsible as a citizen of my hometown as we’re doing our best to show the best parts of the city to people across the world.
Erin: It’s simple! I love food. I know many different kinds of food. And I love Chengdu. It makes me happy to introduce Chengdu and Chengdu’s food to different people. It’s a good opportunity to know people from different cultures with different backgrounds.
What are your favorite foods in Chengdu?
Ling: I can’t choose my favorite, the list would be too long to mention! The best places are where the locals go, come to Chengdu and let me show you!
Leon: My favorite food in Chengdu is the local version of dumpling, which is actually more like a wonton. This dumpling basically explains everything about why Chengdu is a city of gastronomy, and it is always an example people elaborate on when talking about Chengdu food. The best place to get it is included in our Evening Food Tour so I won’t give any specifics!
Lang: Hotpot is my favorite, and I really believe this is the most awesome food to try for visitors when coming to Chengdu. The place we go during our Hotpot Tour is very nice!
Erin: Of course I love all the local flavors, but there is a cold chicken dish that I really love. It’s called Liang-ban-ji-pian and it has typical Chengdu flavors; spicy and a little sweet. Every restaurant makes it their own way, but there is one I really like at a restaurant called Song Ji Pian.
Why is China such a great place to visit and what is your favorite place?
Ling: China is a complex country. By visiting China, you will understand how China became one of the greatest empires in history, and it’s a county with very amazing landscapes and loads of different cultures. When you come to visit, you should visit our big cities which shows you how fast China is moving forward, and also mountain and countryside areas which show you a quiet and romantic side of this country. My favorite places to visit are Guangxi Province, Yunnan Province, and of course Sichuan Province.
Lang: I think China can have a mysterious vibe to foreigners. People only know what they hear on TV or through the internet, but seeing the country is the only way to really understand China. My favorite place is Jiu-zai-gou, also in Sichuan province. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of China!
What makes Chengdu such a special place?
Leon: Chengdu is known as the city of leisurely life. Its ancient history and unique culture make it unlike any other place in China. It has so much to offer and is very popular with visitors from both China and the world.
Erin: Great open-minded people, amazing food, and a relaxed lifestyle. It really is a unique place in China!
What are three things that every tourist should do in Chengdu when visiting?
Leon: 1. Sichuan Opera, especially the face-changing and fire-breathing. As a branch of China’s many opera forms, Sichuan opera is unique across many aspects, so every visitor should see it.

2. Jinsha Site/Museum, which is an archaeological site in Chengdu. The source of this site is still a mystery as no one can find any convincing evidence on where this site originally came from, how it evolved, how long it lasted, and when it disappeared. However, it doesn’t put down the importance of this site as it facilitates the research of ancient Shu culture and it has the potential to re-write Chengdu and Sichuan’s history.

3. Panda Base, I have to admit tourists always love to see those cutie pandas!

Ling: 1. See the Pandas, 2. Join our Evening Food Tour by Tuktuk, 3. Visit a Tea House, which you can do with me on our newest Tea, Market & Hotpot Tour!
Where is the best place to go outside of Chengdu for a day trip or weekend?
Leon: Leshan, the giant Buddha carved in the mountain is always a highlight, and of course you don’t want to miss the Leshan food for sure.
Where is your favorite “secret spot” to chill out in Chengdu?
Ling: A tea house in Wang-jiang Park near the river. The grounds are filled with bamboo, and many people go to spend time with their friends and play cards. When the weather is good you can see birds flying across the river!
Tell us something interesting about yourself that you’d like your customers to know.
Leon: My guardian animal is dragon. Dragons are normally confident and are willing to take chances and embrace challenges.
Erin: I grew up in a place called Jintang, which is just outside of Chengdu. My father is a traditional Chinese doctor with a good reputation and a small clinic in Jintang. He has helped many poor people. Both of my parents are very open-minded and friendly. I have taken many of my foreigner friends to meet them and my mom will always cook a huge meal and enjoy the company!
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What You Said About Our Chengdu Tour Guides

“Definitely one of the highlights in Chengdu. Our tour guide Ling was very worldly and gave us in-depth explanations of Sichuan cuisine and Chinese cuisine as a whole. Plus being on the tuk tuk supplements the fun of the tour, I would recommend this as a must for any Chengdu visit.”
Ludmilla N, TripAdvisor

“Right from the start, Leon was engaging, fun, and it was like having a friend meet you to take you around the city. We knew we were going to have a good night when he passed us cans of beer in Lost Plate koozies. As we drove to our stops, Leon explained a lot about the city of Chengdu, it’s history, and significance of the types of food we would experience. It was evident he had so much passion for his home town.”
nyc2hawaii, TripAdvisor