Chengdu Hotels – Where to Stay in Chengdu

Chengdu is a chilled out place to hang out, and the city holds some of our favorite hotels in China! Our guests are staying here every night, and we hear all about their hotel experiences. So here’s a list of our favorite Chengdu hotels, keeping location, feedback, and foodie-interest in mind!


The Temple House

Everything about this boutique hotel screams luxury and convenience, all while boasting one of the most traditionally beautiful grounds we’ve seen for a hotel anywhere. Built as part of Chengdu’s Tai-koo-li upscale and hip shopping and eating district in the heart of Chengdu, the hotel also offers 3 authentic restaurants and a classic Chinese teahouse. Plus great views of the city can be seen from every room.

Niccolo Chengdu

Chengdu’s newest (and nicest) luxury mall has four 50-floor towers, one of which is home to this “contemporary urban chic” 5-star Marco Polo hotel. For a hotel, this is as good as it gets. Superior service, impeccable convenience in the middle of Chengdu, and incredibly beautiful and comfortable rooms will round out an experience that can’t be anything but perfect. Contact us to book this hotel and receive a special rate!

Mid Range

Buddha Zen Hotel

This is one of the most popular places to stay for our guests in Chengdu. Located in a redeveloped traditional courtyard area near the Wenshu Monastery, the hotel has beautiful architecture and will leave you romanticizing about what life was like as an emperor in ancient times. While its location is within minutes walk to the monastery, and one of our favorite noodle joints, it is a subway/taxi ride away from the downtown area. It also means it’s a bit more quiet than the bustling city center.


Mix Hostels

This locally run group of hostels offers 4 different locations, each specializing in a range of rooms for the budget to mid-range traveler including dorm rooms and private rooms. Their newest property, Lazybones Poshpacker, is reminiscent of a hip and trendy guesthouse and is located near the Wenshu Monestary along with their Mix Hostel. Their Flip Flop location is steps away from Chengdu’s Chunxi Road pedestrian shopping area.


If you’re up for a self catered option, don’t forget to check out Airbnb. There are plenty of nice places up for grabs that will offer you a glance into what it’s really like living in Chengdu. Our recommendation is to stay near a subway station, and stay away from listings that are small local hostels offering private rooms.

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