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Lost Plate is a tour company focused on changing the way foreigners eat around the world. We offer food tours in China, Cambodia and the USA that take tourists to eat at local, family-run restaurants that they would not be able to find on their own. The goal is that each guest is able to eat shoulder to shoulder with locals where they can learn about the food, how it’s made and why it’s important to the local culture. We do all of this while providing a fun and professional experience that our guests will remember forever.


We offer culinary tours that take guests to eat excellent food in local neighborhoods while creating an unforgettable experience. The goal is that each guest is able to learn about the food they are enjoying while getting a taste (literally) for the local culture and learning about the city.

Lost Plate Food Tours

Lost Plate Food Tours


Do you have a passion for food, people and your city? At Lost Plate, we aim to change the way people experience each destination by offering professional, enjoyable, and tasty culinary experiences that guests will remember forever. Do you have what it takes to create an experience that’s the highlight of everyone’s trip?


A fun and dynamic environment with a flexible schedule and regular incentives to show our appreciation to top performers. Individual and intensive training & support to build relevant knowledge, confidence and tour guide abilities. We offer a competitive compensation for each tour plus tiered growth plan with bonuses for receiving positive guest feedback…and you keep all of your tips!

Xian Evening Food Tour Tuktuk


We are looking for a full-time, experienced Operations Manager to join our growing team in Shanghai. A typical week in this role will include guiding small groups of foreigners to eat local food, improving and developing new tour routes, hiring and training part-time guides, providing a high level of customer service & satisfaction to our guests, hitting targets and goals aligned toward customer feedback & operational efficiency, and engaging in business development and marketing projects.

Overseas work experience or education is required for this role. This is a management position and we are looking for someone with tourism and/or management experience to learn fast and excel in an independent environment.


• Leading food tours in Shanghai anywhere from 2-5 nights per week, as required.
• Hiring, training and providing consistent feedback to part-time guides.
• Managing our tour schedule and booking system to ensure maximum guest capacity is
• Creating, arranging and communicating our food tour schedule to part-time guides.
• Communicating and arranging logistics with food tour vendors and drivers.
• Continually identifying and implementing improvements for each guide and the overall
tour experience.
• Conduct restaurant and vendor research to improve existing tours and develop new tour routes.
• Send daily reminder and thank-you emails for upcoming tours.
• Respond to daily email requests, phone calls and messages from customers asking about
our tour products with an emphasis on customer service and a personal touch.
• Work with our business development team on creating web content, promotional
materials and partnership opportunities as necessary.
• Arranging occasional events and activities promoting Lost Plate.


• Have either worked or had education in an English-speaking environment.
• Fluent written and spoken English & Chinese.
• Ability to work independently and efficiently with little supervision.
• Confident in making decisions independently that will impact the business.
• Driven towards defined targets based on analytics, company goals and customer
• Have a proven, demonstrated ability to lead and manage others. This includes giving
negative feedback in order to motivate improved behavior.
• High level of open and responsive communication, comfortable having regular remote
conversations with management and global colleagues.
• Strong commitment to providing incredible customer service and a 100% satisfactory
customer experience at all times.
• Constantly look for improvements in personal and company performance and
proactively make necessary adjustments.


• A flexible working environment.
• A competitive monthly salary.
• Consistent monthly bonuses based on company profits and personal targets. The more
successful you are at your job, and the more successful you make our tours in Shanghai,
the more money you will earn with unlimited potential.
• A fun, open and international environment where your ideas matter and your hard work
is rewarded.


Send an email to with the following:
• Write a letter to a potential customer and tell them why they should join a Lost Plate Food Tour, in English.
• Your English resume.


● Have a passion for your city and a love for everything about your country. You are a true local that calls your city home yet likes to travel.
● Possess a high knowledge of food cuisines and beverages including beer and/or wine styles.
● Are an enthusiastic, high-spirited entertainer with an outgoing personality, never a dull pause and a plethora of ah-ha moments. Comedians, actors, and performers are encouraged to apply.
● Communicate like a boss who commands attention.
● Are a flexible and adaptable individual constantly observing your surroundings. You think quickly on your feet while making adjustments to create a personalized experience every time.
● Exercise a high level of patience, friendliness, and customer service.
● Have the ability to follow detailed processes and instructions while remembering facts, stories and tasks.
● Must be comfortable with public speaking in front of large groups.
● Speaks fluent English (for all locations).
● Speaks fluent Chinese (for guides based in China).


● Available 1-4 sessions per week from 6pm to 10:30pm and/or 8:30am to noon, including weekends and some holidays.
● Lead small groups of guests (under 15 people) through planned routes with pre-determined menu selections.
● Learn, practice, and perform our documented process of storytelling, facts and information to your guests.
● Demonstrate 100% customer satisfaction via customer feedback surveys.
● Communicate each tour experience with feedback to management.


● A fun and dynamic environment with a flexible schedule and regular incentives to show our appreciation to top performers.
● Individual and intensive training & support to build relevant knowledge, confidence and tour guide abilities.
● Standard compensation per tour and keep 100% of your tips.
● Bonuses for receiving positive feedback.


Send an email to with the following:
● Your Resume
● The city you are applying for
● A letter in English about 1-2 of your favorite foods in your city, why you like them, and where you like to get it. The letter should be composed as an email to a customer who asked you for food recommendations. It should be detailed and written professionally.

你喜欢与人相处,对食物、对波特兰充满热情吗?在Lost Plate,我们不去在“波特兰你必须去的blabla前十名”的地方, 我们的目标是通过提供专业、愉快、美味的美食体验来改变人们体验波特兰的方式。你能不能让每个在波特兰旅行的人都眼前一亮呢?

Lost Plate 美食之旅


● 热爱波特兰,热爱俄勒冈的一切。你是一个真正的本地人,把波特兰称为家,却喜欢旅行。
● 熟悉食品和饮料的知识,包括啤酒和葡萄酒。
● 是一个热情、精力充沛的人,性格开朗,不怯场,总是充满欢乐。鼓励喜剧演员、演员和表演者申请。
● 掌握大家的注意力。
● 是一个灵活、适应力强的人,经常观察周围环境。根据情况你在快速调整你的节奏同时,每时每刻都在创造个性化的体验。
● 十分耐心、友好, 有客户服务意识。
● 在记住事实、故事的同时,遵循详细的美食旅游过程。
● 能够舒适地在大型群体面前进行公众演讲。


下午4-6点之间到晚上7-9点之间,每周1-2个晚上,3-3.5小时, 包括周末和节假日。






一个充满乐趣和活力的环境,具有灵活的日程排期, 给与固定的奖励来表彰优秀的美食导游。