A Guide to the Best Markets in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Article by Lost Plate Food Tours

Published on September 19, 2019

A visit to Cambodia isn’t complete until you visit at least one Phnom Penh markets. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, food, discounted clothing, or local handicrafts – they have everything. The best part is that no matter where you are, they’re just a short tuktuk ride away!

Russian Market - Toul Tom Poung Market

The Tuol Tom Poung Market, better known as the Russian Market, is our personal favorite. This is the go-to stop for all of your Cambodia trip souvenirs, knock-offs, and discounted name brands –, especially clothing. You will also find real and fake antiquities,  crafts, silks, jewelry, and more. Make sure you come ready to barter!

Bonus: Outlet shops are scattered throughout the streets around the market with more of the same, which is why this area is very popular with local shoppers. This means the food and drink scene is also booming in the area. Some of the best small-business restaurants and cafes are around here, so make it a day trip. 

What to Eat: Fresh local produce is fresh and bountiful on street 440 (the north border of the market). When the market closes around 4 PM, the car and motorbike parking lot on the west side of the market empties and is quickly run over by great food stalls. We recommend the seafood BBQ joints on street 450 (the south border) or grab a fruit shake and meat skewers on street 163 (the west border).

Address: Corner of Street 163 and Street 440 – Google Map
Show Your Tuktuk Driver: ផ្សារទួលទំពូង

Orussey Market

As the largest market in Phnom Penh, this place is kinda like Walmart or Tesco’s…kinda. Ask a local where you can find any random item, and they will inevitably tell you to go here. Do you need 300 empty salve bottles? Do you need to peruse a shocking inventory of zippers? How about a handmade silver business card holder with ancient designs, that you can get personally engraved? A suit tailor? An obscure Nintendo charger is no problem, and get yourself 60 games for a few dollars while you’re at it. (All these are things we’ve found there.) You can even get couture clothing there; show a tailor what you want to be made for your measurements and they’ll tell you how many meters of cloth is needed, go pick it out in the fabrics section, and bring it back. Just make sure you take careful note of which tailor you went to- it is a huge maze in there. 

Surprisingly you won’t find many tourists here so it is not a good place to find your souvenirs and English is not common. But if you’re looking for clothes, household goods, fabric or electronics, or just have some time on your hands to get lost, this is the place for you.

What to Eat: Almost any popular street food can be found on the streets sprawling away from the market, but hygiene isn’t great. We recommend vising a popular Chinese-style bun stand on street 182, they are some of the best we’ve had!

Address: Main Entrance on Street 182 – Google Map
Show Your Tuktuk Driver: ផ្សារអូឬស្សី

Central Market

This iconic art-deco style building under a large central dome is the most famous landmark in Phnom Penh. Built in 1937, it is a remnant of the French colonialist period. It is the most foreigner friendly market in the city, with decent cleanliness and bountiful English, but this also means that it’s the most overpriced. Souvenirs, jewelry, electronics, and knock-offs are all available here, but be ready to bargain harder than you ever have before.

What to Eat: We like to explore the stalls at the back of the market on Street 67. There are plenty of noodles, baguettes and fresh fruits to enjoy!

Address: Google Map
Show your tuktuk driver: ផ្សារថ្មី

Boueng Keng Kang Market

This smaller yet bustling early-day market is a labyrinth of stalls selling the usual offerings like household goods, electronics, and especially fashion. Walk further inside and you’ll find rows of produce, meat and local food. This is one of our favorite places to snap photos and we recommend coming early as things quiet down quickly by afternoon.

What to Eat: Grab a BBQ beef skewer with a baguette outside for a snack, or venture inside to sample some local fruits and veggies. There’s also some great coconut batter waffles at a few of their entrances for a few cents, get a fresh one from the hand grills over charcoal! 

Address: Walk in from Street 380 – Google Map
Show Your Tuktuk Driver: ផ្សារបឹងកេងកង

Doeurm Kor Market

Doeurm Kor Market is busy every day from sunup ‘til sundown – and for good reason too! The market offers up the best and freshest fruits and vegetables you can find in the city. Locals looking for great produce generally come here to do their shopping. If you want to try out some fresh durian or dragon fruit – this is the place for you! 

Address: Enter from Street 245 – Google Map
Show Your Tuktuk Driver: ផ្សារដើមគរ

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