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Top-rated food tours across China, Southeast Asia, and USA.

This is not your standard "go to a market and then a street-food stall" experience.

We’re way beyond that.

By sharing the living history of cuisine by the hands that make it, we’re changing the way people think about food and its role in the universe.

In each city, our tours take months to research and are developed by people who are actually from that city… so you can experience the very best food and culture through a local lens.

Our Locations:


Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian, & Yunnan


Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, & Battambang




Portland, OR

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Introducing Our Food Focused Multi-Day Trips Throughout Asia.

We’ve spent years searching for the best things to eat and do in China and Cambodia, everywhere from our favorite cities to the far corners of China’s wild west, and now we’re sharing our secrets with you.

We’ve personally explored, curated, and designed each of these trips that range from 4-8 days. If you’re ready to truly experience these places like a local, see the best sights, and of course eat the best food – you came to the right place. Pick and choose the trips you like, or combine them to create your next ultimate adventure!

Totally Immerse Yourself in Food.

Extremely delicious food is the bare minimum. Get an eclectic taste of dishes and learn about the origins of recipes to see why they are the local’s favorites. 

Meet Your Resident Food Nerds at Lost Plate Food Tours

Meet your resident food nerds.

Explore Beijing’s hidden Hutongs, the rice paddies surrounding Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, or the private kitchens of up-and-coming Portland chefs. We go further to find these lost plates and bring them to your table.

As Featured In:

"Hidden in the city's back-alley neighboorhoods"

Awarded "The #1 Culinary Experience in the World" by TripAdvisor.

"Best Eats in the Neighborhood"

You don't need to be a local to find the best food in town.

Every time someone cooks a dish for you, it says something about who they are, where they came from, and their relationship with you. In finding out these stories, and tracing the genealogy of dishes, you get a brief history of everything, because, well, food is everything.

Food is culture, identity, and social standing. It’s controversy, environmentalism and the economy. It’s your best memories, the fuel that’s powering you to read this right now, and it’s what you are because you eat it.

And because it’s everything, food is the best storyteller there is.

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