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Best Breweries in Portland

December 17, 2019 – Written By Michelle, Lost Plate Portland Founder

Must-visit brew pubs for amazing craft beer in Portland, Oregon

Here’s our list of the best breweries in Portland to have a pint, grab a growler or crowler to go, and eat some delicious food. And if you join our Evening or Food Cart Food Tours, you may even get to visit one of these fine establishments and drink a pint with us!

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Cascade - Best Breweries in Portland

Barrel fermented sour beers are the name of the game at this unique brewery. Cascade has been servings sours since 2006 and basically invented the NW Sour Ale. All the sours poured are imaginative, barrel-aged, and purely local. We suggest trying several 2oz pours at their barrell room and seeing what you like best!

What To Order: Multiple 2oz samplers

Website: http://www.cascadebrewingbarrelhouse.com/

Address: 939 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214

Maps: Google Maps

Breakside Brewing

BREAKSIDE BREWING2 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 
BREAKSIDE BREWING - Best Breweries in Portland-2 

Some of the best beer in the entire city is being brewed over at Breakside Brewing. With three locations to choose from, each serve almost too many beers to choose from, all of them being absolutely crisp and delicious. Whether you’re into IPAs, Pilsners, or something unique, Breakside has something for you… they did win 2017 Brewery of the Year for a reason!

What To Order: Breakside Pils

Website: http://breakside.com/our-locations/ (3 locations to choose from)

Address: multiple

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Sasquatch Brewing Company

SASQUATCH BREWING COMPANY2 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 
SASQUATCH BREWING COMPANY1 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 

Delicious beer and cider in an AMAZING taproom/brewery/colorful/local space….. Enough said! The brewers at Sasquatch put complete love and care into the beverages they make, and it shows. Try their adventurous ciders or their other million beers on tap. (Jk, it’s not a million but it’s A LOT!)

What To Order: A beer and cider of your choice!

Website: https://sasquatchbrewery.com/

Address: 6440 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239, USA

Maps: Google Maps

Mt. Hood Brewing

Mt Hood - Best Breweries in Portland

You don’t have to visit Mount Hood to try this brewery’s beer anymore! With a location in Portland, you can enjoy sips of Mt. Hood Brewery beer and cider inside a train car! Yep, that’s right! You can sit inside an actual Oregon train car and caboose! Grab a lager, order a wood-fired pizza, and enjoy the train!

What To Order: Highland Meadow Blonde

Website: https://mthoodbrewing.com/

Address: Tilikum Station- 401 SE Caruthers Street,Portland, OR 97214

Maps: Google Maps

Vagabond Brewing

VAGABOND BREWING2 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 
VAGABOND BREWING - Best Breweries in Portland-2 

A family-friendly place with a full food & drink menu, with cuisine based on delicious comfort foods made with seasonal ingredients. Both the food and beer are made by local seasoned pros, and are designed to complement each other. Make sure and sit upstairs to enjoy your beer where you’ll find an airplane hanging from the ceiling…. Yes, seriously.


Website: http://vagabondportland.com

Address: 2715 SE 8th Ave STE 175, Portland, OR 97202, USA

Maps: Google Maps

Portland u-Brew and Unicorn Brewing

Portland u-Brew and Unicorn2 Brewing Best Breweries to Visit in Portland 

This place has a great selection of beer, cider and wine-making supplies and the friendliest staff in town! Visit to try their eight beers on tap from their own Unicorn Brewing Company – You can even learn to brew your own beer on their system!

What To Order: The taps change frequently but anything you order is worth it!

Website: https://portlandubrew.com

Address: 6237 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202, USA

Maps: Google Maps

Lucky Lab Brewing

LUCKY LAB BREWING - Best Breweries in Portland-2 
LUCKY LAB BREWING 2- Best Breweries in Portland-2 

With 4 locations to choose from and multiple taps at each one, you’ll be sure to find something you like here! Come relax in a beer hall type original setting, with high-trussed ceilings, trademark rustic ambiance, and a great covered back patio for you, a canine, and a brew.

What To Order: Superdog IPA

Website: https://luckylab.com/hawthorne-brew-pub

Address: multiple

Maps: Google Maps


Grixen 2 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 
Grixen 1 - Best Breweries in Portland-2 

This newly opened pub is known for iconic Northwest versions of traditional beer styles as well as the occasional celebration of the modern experimental craft movement. Also served here are small bites, sandwiches, and tacos with happy hour snacks available daily 4PM-6PM.

What To Order: Kolsch

Website: http://www.grixsen.com

Address: 1001 SE Division St #2, Portland, OR 97202, USA

Maps: Google Maps

Ecliptic Brewing

Ecliptic Brewing 1 - Best Breweries to Visit in Portland 
Ecliptic Brewing2 - Best Breweries to Visit in Portland 

If you’re in the Mississippi neighborhood, this brewery is a must to check out! Not only is their beer outstanding, their food is top notch as well. Awesome space, even more awesome patio, mouth-watering beers, what’s not to love?!

What To Order: Starburst IPA

Website: http://eclipticbrewing.com

Address: 1516 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, USA

Maps: Google Maps

Ruse Brewing

Ruse - Best Breweries in Portland

Ruse Brewing is an artisanal brewery inspired by Portland’s creative community & culture. Craft beer is the art here! This is the perfect brewery if you’re seeking small batch, flavorful, and thoughtfully-crafted beers.

What To Order: Ruse Pilsner

Website: https://www.rusebrewing.com

Address: 4784 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202, USA

Maps: Google Maps

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