Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour

Fridays at 8pm

Duration 3.5 Hours

$55 USD per Adult

Tour Operated

by Tuktuk

The Essentials:

Enjoy at least one generous craft beer or cocktail at each stop, with liquor tastings, shots, and freebies also included at most stops. This is a personalized experience with each bar owner, so samplings and drinks vary depending on the group’s interests.


1 craft brewery and 3 different cocktail bars, all hidden and distinctly unique.

Group Size

Small groups of 2-12 people per tour.

Start & End Location

Hotel pick-up and drop-off is included from centrally located hotels.

Dietary Requirements

We recommend eating a big dinner before this tour. Each stop has liquor and craft beer offerings to accommodate all tastes and dietary requirements. Please let us know if there are any allergies we may need to be aware of.

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This tour is not currently offered, but we do have other tours in Phnom Penh available.

About This Tour:

This all-inclusive tuktuk tour explores some of Phnom Penh’s best kept nightlife secrets. Meet the owners of Phnom Penh’s household names and try off-menu items and custom cocktails. You’ll start at a craft brewery, and sample their selection. Then you’ll visit 3 cocktail and craft beer bars that cover the entire landscape of Phnom Penh’s nightlife, from holes in the wall to reservation-only establishments. 

Sample locally produced spirits like Cambodia’s finest rum and gin, to the traditional Khmer flavors like black sticky-rice rice wine and local bar foods. The tour might cover a gig or three, and ends near a nightlife hotspot if you want to keep the night going. The tour also includes pick-up and drop offs from your accommodation, and we highly recommend having a decent dinner beforehand.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Speakeasy
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What You'll Do:

Sample fresh craft beers boasting local ingredients like Khmer ginger or toasted coconut at different stages of production.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Craft Brewer

Meet the owners and brewmasters and talk shop with them over a pint of your choice.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Live Music

Grab a table and live music feature at a reservations-only speakeasy, one of the most popular drinking venues known for their custom creations and talented mixologists.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Local Cocktail

Try varieties of Khmer rice wine, such as galangal or black rice flavors, and Cambodian-style cocktails full of tropical ingredients in a hidden alley bar.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Local Spirits

End the night at one of the city’s bustling pub-streets for premier Khmer liquor cocktails such as Samai Rum or Seekers Gin.

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Local Bar

Stay out at the dozens of bars and live music events in the area and mingle with the international scene, or take our tuk-tuk home at the end of the night.

Featured In:

"Turning Phnom Penh Inside Out"

“The bearded youngish founder of the place was a walking encyclopedia of craft beer knowledge, from barley varieties to hops content in the brews. He pointed us toward the chalkboard listing tonight’s choices: Coconut Brown, Citra Pale, and Khmer Ginger. We sipped all of them before choosing our favorite. And we were just getting started.”

"An Insight Into The Energy and Vibrancy of Daily Life"

"Our guides made the tour what it was. It was an insight into the energy and vibrancy of daily life here in Phnom Penh that we never would’ve gotten on our own, so I had zero regrets about the price tag. It was a nice memory to take away from our time in Phnom Penh.”

Customer Reviews:


I Would Highly Recommend This Trip!

“I came on board as a solo woman traveller and my tour guide was Theoro. I had a great time. He was super friendly and we went to some very cool places, and I had tons of fun with everyone. I would highly recommend this trip!”

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Review by N Wahidah

N. Wahidah

February 2020


5 Stars All Around!

“I’ve traveled to Phnom Penh many times and never experienced any places like the ones on this tour. The entire experience was fun and exciting with a great buzz the whole night accompanied by lots of laughs. We left feeling like we got our money’s worth and new friends. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the city of Phnom Penh and looking for a fun night on the town. Leanna made sure we had a drink in hand and a smile on our face at all times. 5 stars all around!!! Book your tour now.”

Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour Review by Jordan


July 2019


“I took the bar tour and the Food Tour in mid September and loved them. It was great to check out the night life of Phnom Penh where the locals drink. It’s a great mix of bars from an expats craft beer bar to local night spots run by Cambodians. Hidden bar tour is a good name for it as you would unlikely find these places without the tour. Thearo was an amazing guide who knows everything about Phnom Penh night life and culture, he also has a great relationship with the venues which made it feel like you’re drinking with friends. This is a great tour to take if you’re traveling solo or with a group.”


October 2019


“What an unexpectedly amazing tour! You are brought to places that you for sure would not have found on your own. And while the drinks (cocktails and craft beer mostly) were precious, the most memorable part of this tour was our guide Thearo. With an unbelievable story and a joyful spirit, this is a tour where you get both hammered AND inspired. Cannot recommend it enough!”


September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

We don’t offer unlimited drinks on this tour, but you’ll get a big drink at each stop plus sampling drinks and the occasional freebie at most stops. You’ll start by sampling a variety of beers, then visit a number of cocktail bars for some strong glasses where shot-sized samples are offered too. These venues also typically have live music and other gigs going on, are hidden from tourists, and are not easy to get reservations or off-menu items like we provide. You’ll be meeting the brewmasters, bar owners, and head-honchos of the nightlife scene here, so you’re not just getting drinks, but a true insider’s experience of what’s happening in the Penh.

It’s definitely plenty to drink, but bring along cash if you think you’ll carry on the night or are feeling extra thirsty. Our guides are full of recommendations and will know what’s happening in terms of gigs and parties throughout the city each weekend, so ask!

Bars observe different closing days here than restaurants, which often conflict with the schedules of our guides. Shoot us a message or send us an email about your availability and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

We have many happy customers who do all of our tours in each city! We have designed our tours to focus only on food that comes from the local area. This means that each dish is unique to each tour and there aren’t ANY repeats.

Most guests who do our bar tour also opt-in for the food tour, or vice versa, after joining us if their schedule permits it. There are no repeats and they definitely tell different stories about the lives and experiences of local culture. We encourage you to pick the tours that best fit your itinerary and we offer a 10% discount if booking more than one tour.

We sure do! If you decide to do more than one tour with us we are happy to offer you a 10% discount off your total amount. It doesn’t matter if the tour is in the same city or a different city, we want to keep feeding you as long as you let us. Our online booking system will automatically deduct the discount from your total if booking online at the same time. If you decide to add more tours later, your original confirmation email will include a promo code to use on those bookings. Also, children ages 4-15 receive a discount on all tours (3 & under are free).

Our tours have been designed to accommodate as many diets as possible while still remaining authentic and delicious. 

We try to offer Khmer bar-snacks at a stop if seasonality permits, which can include some creepy crawlies. Let your guide know about specific allergies or restrictions towards specific ingredients, even if it’s just for us to avoid cross-contamination or to request no peanuts to be served with the table.

If you are gluten-intolerant or just don’t drink beer, we do provide alternatives at the brewery. Even if you don’t do beer, guests still enjoy sampling the raw ingredients that go into the beer and learning about each step in the process from the brewmasters.

If you don’t like cocktails, craft beers are available at each stop – or challenge the head mixologists to make a custom cocktail to your flavors.

Bookings cancelled 2 days (48 hours) or more before your tour are fully refundable (100% refund). Bookings cancelled within 48 hours notice are not refundable. Cancellations must be communicated by email to info@lostplate.com or by phone. If you would like to reschedule your tour with less than 48 hours notice, we will need to charge 50% of your total since we are unable to fill your spots at short notice.

Our minimum is 2 and maximum is 12. There’s no flag to follow, or megaphone, or tacky uniforms. It’s small enough to be intimate, but big enough to get away with trying several dishes at each stop. You’ll get plenty of face-time with the experts. Bottom line is, you’ll follow the guide through a super-local experience and make friends along the way. It is awfully common for our guests to continue the evening together after the tour is over for a few more rounds.

The tour starts at 8pm, and we offer free hotel pick-up at central locations. When you complete your booking online, you’ll be able to provide your hotel name and address (or you can notify us later if you’re not sure where you’re staying yet) and we will send you an estimated pick-up time the day before your tour, which is typically between 7:45-8pm. We’ll meet you at the lobby with a Lost Plate sign and a cooler of ice-cold beers to start the evening.

After the tour, we will take you back to your hotel, or wherever you’d like to go next!

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Phnom Penh Hidden Bar Tour by Tuktuk


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