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Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Dumplings, Noodles, the list goes on forever. Chengdu is often referred to as the culinary capital of China, and it is full of amazing restaurants offering all of the classic Sichuan dishes. Our Chengdu Food Tours offer the best of the best, but to round out your trip we’ve put together a list of our favorite Chengdu restaurants to try in this amazing city. All of them offer a great variety of dishes in a foreigner-friendly environment with English menus.

Pan Sun Shi (盘飧市)

Located on a busy local street behind the CBD’s most fancy shops, this spot is extremely popular with long-time locals for their traditional flavors. You may notice a larger number of older customers who enjoy the classic dishes here which taste the same way they did a generation ago. Their stylish restaurant offers a huge menu with photos, and their sister store outside specializes in very authentic marinated meats. All ingredients are fresh the same day, which is proven by the queue it often draws from locals. Menu includes photos and English translations.

What To Order:
Marinated Meats (located outside the restaurant): Lǔ-cài (卤菜)
Buns (located outside the restaurant prepared fresh after 4PM): Bāo-zi (包子)
Marinated Meats with steamed bread: Lǔ-ròu-guō-kuí (卤肉锅魁)
Kung Pao Chicken (a classic Sichuan dish): Gōng-bǎo-jī-dīng (宫爆鸡丁)
Toasted Rice with Stew (a sour soup filled with pork and veggies poured over crispy rice crackers): Guō-bā-ròu-piàn (锅巴肉片)

Address: 62-64 Huaxing Jie
Show Your Taxi Driver: 你好,请带我去盘飧市,华兴街62-64号(近王府井,锦江剧院旁),谢谢。
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Zhang’s Roasted Duck (张烤鸭)

Step aside Beijing, because Chengdu has its own version of roasted duck complete with a wood-fuelled oven and racks loaded with roasted birds. Our founder Ruixi grew up eating at this restaurant, and we understand why it’s still one of her favorites. Roasted duck here can be enjoyed Beijing style, sliced at your table (for only a fraction of Beijing’s price), or Chengdu style, served atop a rich and slightly spicy soup. We recommend the latter for a local experience but neither will disappoint. Menu includes photos and English translations.

What To Order:
Soup with Roasted Duck: Mào-kǎo-yā (冒烤鸭)
Crab Roe Tofu: Xiè-huáng-dòufu (蟹黄豆腐)
Steamed Meat with Pumpkin: Nánguā-zhēng-ròu (南瓜蒸肉)
Sour Soup with Fish: Suān-tāng-yú (酸汤鱼)
Twice Cooked Pork: Huí-guō-ròu (回锅肉)

Address: 9 Gu wolongqiao Street, 2nd Floor
Show Your Taxi Driver: 你好,请带我去张烤鸭(青石桥总店),古卧龙桥街9号,近青石桥市场,谢谢。
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Tian Tian Restaurant (天添饭店)

Ruixi’s eyes light up at the mention of this place. Her family has been coming here since she was born and they say the flavor hasn’t changed since. The specialty here is fresh fish: fried, covered in sweet ‘n sour sauce, and served whole (head included). The presentation is special, you’ll just have to see it for yourself!

What To Order:
Squirrel Fish (the dish mentioned above): Sōng-shǔ-yú (松鼠鱼)
Chicken with Chilies and Preserved Veggies: Jī-mǐ-yá-cài (鸡米芽菜)
Homemade Tofu: Jiā-cháng-dòu-fu (家常豆腐)
Eggplant: Yú-xiāng-qié-bǐng (鱼香茄饼)

Address: 16 Yulin Dong Street
Show Your Taxi Driver: 你好,请带我去天添饭店(玉林东街店),玉林东街16号,谢谢。
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Xi Yue Cheng Tan Dou Hua (西月城谭豆花)

This is the spot to get your noodles and dumplings. Every kind imaginable and one of the best and most popular spots in town. This “Time Honored” brand is truly not to miss. There is no English menu available, but there are photos of each dish behind the counter where you order. Just take our recommendations below!

What To Order:
Sweet Water Noodles (our favorite!): Tián-shuǐ-miàn (甜水面)
Dan Dan Noodles: Dàn-dàn-miàn (担担面)
Spicy Beef with Tofu: Niú-ròu-dòu-huā(牛肉豆花)
Zhong’s Dumplings: Zhōng-shuǐ-jiǎo (钟水饺)
Sweet Tofu: Bīng-zuì-dòu-huā (冰醉豆花)

Address: 56 Shuwaer Street
Show Your Taxi Driver: 西月城谭豆花(春熙路店),提督街暑袜北二街56号
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The best local food is always found in small, family-run shops that specialize in a few dishes. Join a Lost Plate Food Tour and eat where the locals eat…Book a Tour Today!