Experience Portland’s Incredible Cuisine
at our Intimate Pop-Up Dining Events

We meet personally with chefs, winemakers, brewers, and culinary creators to craft an intimate and delicious private dining experience. Each event is unique and designed to show-off Portland’s cuisine and craft beverages, all while learning about the chef, purveyor, and the wine/beer-makers. Menus are offered only once for an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience.

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Our private dining events are an intimate yet engaging way for you to discover what Portland cuisine, culture and dining is all about. Laid back yet well crafted, we’ve combined incredible chefs and purveyors with craft beverage makers to create an undoubtedly local culinary experience.

Portland Private Kitchen Chef

Don’t just eat – discuss what you eat and drink with those who made it.

Portland Private Kitchen Night

Multi-course menus are prepared to showcase seasonal and local ingredients.

Lost Plate Portland Food Tours Wine Pour

Enjoy wine pairings presented by the winemaker.

Our Portland Private Dining Reviews

“What an awesome experience this was! The dinner courses were huge and the chef came out and talked about each dish as they were served. Everything we ate was so delicious and the wine was amazing. The winemaker joined the dinner with us and we chatted along the way. It was clear that everyone involved in the dinner was passionate about food and wine!”

“My husband and I really enjoyed our time dining and drinking the night away at this event! Both the chef and staff were so knowledgeable, and everything we ate and drank went together perfectly. It was interesting to hear all about how the wine was made and why it tastes the way it does. I definitely feel like I learned a lot and the whole experience was incredibly tasty and educational. Definitely recommended!”