Xian Hotels – Where to Stay in Xi’an

No need to stress about where to stay in Xi’an; we’ve done the work for you! We have guests staying in the city every night, so here is a list of their favorite Xian Hotels and places to stay…all of which we recommend and are especially great for foodies. Keep in mind that a lot of Xian’s top rated hotels online are far from the city center, most of our selections below are in a great location and centrally located.

5 Star

Sofitel and Hilton Hotels
Simply put, these are the best high-end hotels within the city wall and located within a couple blocks of each other. The Sofitel has two hotels on it’s premises, including an historic Sofitel Legend building that was Xian’s first luxury hotel and offers some great restaurants on-site, including Dolce Vita which serves legit Italian fare with ingredients (and a chef) straight from Italy. The Hilton is located across the street from one of our favorite food streets and night market. Our guests love both of these hotels.

Gran Melia and Westin Hotels
The most important thing to note about these options is that they are not located within Xian’s city walls. While they are near the Wild Goose Pagoda and some of the city’s best museums, they will take more and time to get into the center of the city. The benefit is that the area has more space and these hotels are spread out. The Gran Melia, specifically, offers a quieter and sprawling grounds sandwiched between a couple parks. The Gran also offers Xian’s only authentic Spanish cuisine and the Westin has a decent all-you-can-eat dimsum lunch.


Citadines Central Hotel

You can’t get a better location than this. Located blocks from the Drum and Bell towers, this hotel is steps from the best street food and sights in the city. All rooms also offer full kitchens so you can try cooking some local produce along with fresh noodles bought from a street cart outside. Their service isn’t top-knotch, but for the price it can be expected.


Traveling With Hotel (Pictured)

We hate calling this a budget option because it’s one of our favorite places for those wanting something more traditional. Located along the city wall, many rooms have a wall view and the rooftop bar offers a unique (and very cool!) view from above. The private rooms are clean with a trendy China-like vibe. Limited dorm rooms are available here, and this place is far nicer than any of the other hostels in town so book early if you’d like this option. Note: there are fewer foreigners here; it is popular with young Chinese travelers.


If you’re up for a self catered option, don’t forget to check out Airbnb. There are plenty of nice places up for grabs that will offer you a glance into what it’s really like living in Xian. Our recommendation is to stay within the city wall, and stay away from listings that are hostels offering private rooms.

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