Yunnan “Palooda” Dessert Recipe

Yunnan Palooda Dessert Recipe

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This recipe is featured in our Lijiang Naxi Cuisine Cooking Class & Market Visit which is available daily, and is also included in our Eat Your Way Through Yunnan’s Tea & Horse Caravan Road from Dali to Lijiang 8-day trip. Come join us!

The Story of Palooda

This tasty dessert may not seem very “Chinese,” but that’s because it has a long history! Originally from Persia, these flavors were brought to India before eventually making their way through Myanmar and into Yunnan. Similar to other desserts you may see in Southern China or SE Asian, the sweet flavor comes from coconut and condensed milk. Today, you’ll find this dish all over Southern Yunnan at almost every local restaurant.

This simple recipe is very tasty and a unique dessert for hosting – have each guest prepare their own.

Recipe Notes

Feel free to get creative. The ingredients below are the most traditional, but you can experiment with different fruits and toppings. Purple rice is naturally glutinous, but if you are unable to find it, white glutinous rice also gets the same result. Sago is typically found in dried balls in most Asian grocers. Follow the directions on the package to cook them, which generally involves boiling them in water and then straining them.

Serves 2

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 15 mins


100g diced fresh mango

100g cooked sago

100g cooked purple rice

10g freshly shredded coconut

200ml sweetened coconut milk

10g condensed milk

1 slice white bread, toasted


  1. Using a short, clear cup (for visual impact), layer each ingredient one-by-one in order.
  2.  Cut toast into 2-3 inch long, thick strips.
  3. Stick toast into the prepared cup. Top with a festival cocktail umbrella (optional) and enjoy!

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