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Best Bars in Siem Reap

December 3, 2019 – Written By Leanna Payne, Lost Plate Food Tour Guide

Pub Street is cool for a short while, but the best bars aren’t there. Check out our guide to the best places to grab a drink in Siem Reap:

WILD Creative Bar & Eatery

WILD Creative Bar & Eatery2 - Best Bars in Siem Reap 
WILD Creative Bar & Eatery - Best Bars in Siem Reap 

WILD has some fantastic cocktails – their ‘Grandma Was a Hippie’ cocktail literally tastes like your childhood, and their ‘So Fresh’ is that only absinthe cocktail we’ve ever had that actually tastes good. Their menu is a spring rolls only menu with some unique fillings which make for a great snack, so eat up before (or after) coming here. The venue isn’t huge and mostly outdoors, which does cut available seats during the rainy season, so we recommend making reservations during high season or on weekends.

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Pomme Hostel

Yeah you heard us, it’s a hostel with an “s.” But you’d never know that walking in – with a vibrant colour palette and modern decor, Pomme feels more like an upscale bistro than a place that offers dorm accommodations. In a word, it’s slick. With a brand new pool table, welcoming bar staff, and a gorgeous outdoor space for events and the local music scene, it’s a great place to find that buzzing energy without being accosted by staff trying to sell you $10 pub crawl t-shirts.

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Best Cambodia Food Tours

Wine O’Clock

Wine O’Clock2 - Best Bars in Siem Reap 
Wine O’Clock - Best Bars in Siem Reap 

24/7 wine and cheese board deliveries. Custom charcuterie plates, baguette sandwiches, croissant toasties, devilled eggs, and crostini. This place has something for everyone, and you can order on WhatsApp to preserve all the details. Forewarning: this menu is so amazing please give yourself 20 minutes for your first time perusing. We claim small victories in not ordering this every single day- just most days.

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Silk Garden

Silk Garden - Best Bars in Siem Reap 
Silk Garden2 - Best Bars in Siem Reap 

You know that dive bar at home that is simply fantastic, but you don’t have the vocabulary to explain why? That’s Silk Garden, Siem Reap’s very own outdoor dive bar dripping with je ne sais qua. Hiding right behind the notorious Temple club, this is a fantastic venue to start your night out. Popular with the local scene, Silk Garden regulars include musicians, NGO workers, and food tour operators.

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Picasso Bar

Picasso Bar - Best Bars in Siem Reap 
Picasso Bar2 - Best Bars in Siem Reap 

The drinks here are the usual international fare – however this bar is a haunt for Siem Reap residents as it’s just built for socialising. Just off pub street, the U-shaped bar encourages everyone to talk to each other, and the bartenders are very friendly! If you’ve been travelling a while or solo and missing some quality banter or perhaps some perspective into Siem Reap residency, come here!

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