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Our Recipe Boxes feature hard-to-find ingredients combined with family recipes so you can make authentic food easily at home.


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Did you know Kung Pao and Mapo Chen (from Mapo Tofu) are actually people’s names? These two have turned into legends that have become the symbols of Sichuan cuisine. Our founder, Ruixi, is a 10th Generation Sichuanese and has shared her recipes of these dishes and more with you in this box. Once you try them, you’ll never see Chinese food the same way again.


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From street fritters, breakfast bbq & pickles, to God-King curries, eat your way from humble stead to heavenly palace in this recipe box that captures regional favorites of Cambodians throughout history.


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Get to know the world’s most popular liquor with recipes by mixologists, including barware, bitters, syrups, and other aromatics. We’ve selected a baijiu that comes from fermentation pits that have been in continuous use before the invention of the piano, for a pre-classical flavor only time can deliver.


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Try the best ingredients Portland has to offer and purchase a curated collection of our favorite foodie items made right here in PDX! Each box contains 7 Portland-made foodie staples, an introduction to each purveyor, and a selection of recipes to make the most of the ingredients.

Why People Love Our Recipe Boxes:

Shelf Stable

Cook what you want, at your own schedule.

Undoubtedly Authentic

Premium ingredients that locals love at home.

Better than Delivery

The best Asian restaurant in town is now your own kitchen.

Pantry Essentials Only

100% adjustable for those with allergies, diets, and health considerations to enjoy authentic favorites without concern.

Researched and Tested

Get the history and significance of each recipe and ingredient, with awesome notes on substitutions or alternatives to suit every budding chef or gourmand.

Great Value

You get enough ingredients to make each dish multiple times.

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