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One of the most common questions we receive is: “Where can we eat in Xian during the other days of our stay?” It’s a really good question since most places have no English options (like the amazing places we selected for our Morning and Evening Food Tours!). With that said, the restaurant scene in Xian serves up some amazing Shaanxi local dishes. We hand-picked the Xian restaurants listed below because we love them, visit often, and are the first places we take friends and family members who visit. Don’t think they aren’t good because you read them on our blog, we’re just doing this to make it easier for our guests!

Zuì Cháng’ān (醉长安)

(photo above)
This spot is hidden in a traditional courtyard on Xian’s art street, just east of the small pagoda situated inside the main south gate of the city wall. Snag one of their limited outdoor tables and relax while enjoying some legit Shaanxi dishes that you can’t get on the street. Unfortunately they don’t offer an English menu so select some of the suggestions below, and their staff has limited English.

What To Order:
Gourd Chicken (a classic Shaanxi dish, stewed then fried chicken served in a gourd): húlu jī (葫芦鸡)
Sweet & Sour Fish (served whole): sōngshǔ yú (松鼠鱼)
Fried Cucumber Flower: shìzi qiàng chǎo huángguā miáo (炝炒黄瓜苗)
Fried Eggplant with Garlic: jīn suàn qiézi bāo (金蒜茄子煲)
Fried Spicy Potato: xiāng là xiǎo tǔdòu (香辣小土豆)
A uniquely presented apple and walnut dessert: miàobǐ shēnghuā (妙笔生花)

Address: 56 Shuyuanmen, Beilin Qu.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 碑林区书院门56号
Map: Click Here

Sānyuán Lǎo Huáng Jiā (三原老黄家 – 文艺路店)

This place is a bit more off the beaten path, located south of the city wall on the 5th floor of a commercial building. They serve legit traditional Shaanxi dishes that are a bit harder to find in Xian and is very popular with locals. Photos (and Chinglish translations) are available in their menu.

What To Order:
Seafood Soup Filled with Mini Dumplings: huáng jiā guìfēi jiǎozi (黄家贵妃饺子)
Noodles Served with Three Different Sauces: yīmiàn sān chī (一面三吃)
Puffy Fried Dough: pào pào yóu gāo (泡泡油糕)
Pig’s Feet (surprisingly delicious!): sài xióng zhǎng (赛熊掌)

Address: 5th floor of Tianlunshengshi, Wenyi Lu, Beilin Qu.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 碑林区 文艺路天伦盛世5楼
Map: Click Here

Here’s BBQ (在这里BBQ)

If you want meat on sticks but are hesitant to take it from the street, this is the place to go. A solid assortment of quality BBQ options are offered along with an array of other local dishes. The location is in an updated shopping area called the Big West Market where locals dance the night away in the main square. Photos (with Chinglish translations) and outdoor balcony seating are available.

What To Order:
Mutton Skewers: yángròu chuàn (羊肉串)
Barbecued Broccoli: kǎo huācài (烤花菜)
Barbecued Green Beans: kǎo dòujiǎo (烤豆角)
Cold Noodles with a Twist of Lemon (some of the best liangpi in Xian!): liángpi (凉皮)

Address: Datang Xi Shi Plaza (above Starbucks), Laodong Nan Lu, Lianhu Qu.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 莲湖区 劳动南路大唐西市城广场(星巴克楼上)
Map: Click Here

China Folk Restaurant (百姓厨房)

This Xian-only chain has 10 locations in Xian, but don’t let that fact deter you. This is a great story of a man who focused on serving great food to the local community and was able to expand due to his success. Today, quality food and atmosphere are a priority, all while serving great renditions of local Xian staples. Their menu (with photos and Chinglish) is enormous.

What To Order:
The best cold noodles you’ll have in Xian: liángpí (凉皮)
Pork & Potato Stew: lǎojiā dòujiǎo dùn tǔdòu (老家豆角炖土豆)
Mini Chinese Sliders: ròujiāmó (肉夹馍)
Any of their dumplings

A few of our favorite locations:

Wild Goose Pagoda / Xian Art Museum Area:
Address: 1 floor Xian Art Museum, Datangbuye Cheng, Yantan Nan lu, Yanta Qu.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 百姓厨房(酒坊店), 雁塔区 雁塔南路大唐不夜城西安美术馆1楼.
Map:Click Here

East of the City Wall:
Address: 242 Changle Zhong Lu, Xincheng Qu, inside of the Xibei Guoji Cha Cheng Tea Department Store.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 百姓厨房(造字坊) 地址: 新城区 长乐中路242号,西北国际茶城内.
Map: Click Here

Southwest of the City Wall:
Address: 6 Guangde Lu,Yantan Qu.
Show Your Taxi Driver: 百姓厨房(陶艺坊店), 雁塔区 光德路6号.
Map: Click Here

The best local food is always found in small, family-run shops that specialize in a few dishes. Join a Lost Plate Food Tour and eat where the locals eat…Book a Tour Today!