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Made in China: Foodie Shopping Guide

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the foodie in your life? Take a look at our favorite locally made food items in China and add them to your holiday shopping list for the foodies in your life!

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Beijing Food Tours Pancake About

Best Local Beijing Restaurants

From Peking duck to the humble dumpling, we have compiled a few of our favorite foreigner-friendly local restaurants in Beijing. Criteria for this list means they have menus with English and/or photos and serve authentic and stupid-delicious fare. This is your meal itinerary if you’re traveling through Beijing. Don’t just pick one, try them all.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Baijiu in China

Typically made from sorghum, Baijiu (pronounced bye-joe) is the number one selling alcohol in the world, and by a long shot. Around the world each year, more baijiu is sold than whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum, combined. And yet, it remains virtually unknown outside of Chinese drinking culture.

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Best Hotels in Xian

Best Hotels in Xian, China

No need to stress about where to stay in Xi’an; we’ve done the work for you! A lot of Xian’s top-rated hotels online are far from the city center, most of our selections below are in a great location and centrally located. We have guests staying in the city every night, so here is a list of their favorite Xian Hotels and places to stay – all of which we recommend and are especially great for foodies.

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Suzhou Alleyway Food Tour Coffee

Best Shanghai Coffee Shops

Whether it’s cold outside, or you just want a good place to spend the afternoon, these are our favorite Shanghai Coffee Shops. Pull up a cozy seat and watch the local life go by at these cafes.

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Chengdu Evening Food Tour Mapo Tofu

Best Restaurants in Chengdu

We’ve put together a list the best restaurants in Chengdu to try in this amazing city. All of them offer a great variety of dishes in a foreigner-friendly environment with English menus. Our recommendation? Try them all.

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Xian Evening Food Tour Biang Biang Noodle

Best Noodles in Xian, China

In Xian, noodles are reign supreme. You won’t find rice in these parts due to the climate, Xian is all about noodles and they come in every shape, size, and flavor. Shops selling factory-made noodles don’t survive in noodle country, so here’s our list of the best noodles in Xian.

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Chinese Dumpling Recipe

Lost Plate’s Traditional Chinese Dumpling Recipe

There are few things humanity agrees on, and in that very short list is dumplings. In China the most popular type is called Jiaozi (饺子) or water dumplings (水饺), meaning traditionally they are boiled in water, as opposed to their many well-known and equally delicious steamed cousins.

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