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Xizhou Baba Best Street Food in Dali

Xizhou Baba – The Best Street Food in Dali, Yunnan China

Xizhou is the name of a village just outside Dali’s old town in China’s Yunnan province. Baba is local slang for bread. Xizhou Baba is the greatest thing since sliced bread – literally! As you walk along the cobble stone streets of Xizhou, it won’t take you long to recognize old charcoal ovens that bake this famous local street food. Peek inside a Baba shop, and you’ll see fresh dough being kneaded and prepared by hand. You’ve got to try this addictive snack yourself!

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Why You Must Visit Shaxi Yunnan China Old Town

Featured Destination: Why You Must Visit Shaxi, Yunnan China

For thousands of years, Yunnan people communicated and traded with each other along what’s known as the “Tea & Horse Road.” This ancient trading route stretched for over 4000km, and served as a link to places like India, Tibet, and Central China. While it became famous for its most traded commodities, tea and horses, it was a way of life for local nomads and small minority groups in the region.

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Market Day at Dali's San Yue Jie Street in Yunnan, China

Watch: Market Day at Dali’s San Yue Jie Street in Yunnan, China

Join us as we visit San Yue Jie, a street just outside Dali’s old town that transforms into a market every week. The street itself is named after the 3rd month of the lunar calendar, which holds the biggest festival of the year for the local Bai minority people – and the weekly market is the best place to experience their local life and culture.

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Portland Travel Guide

Portland During Covid-19

We put this article together to shed some light on what Portland is like during Covid-19. Please keep in mind changes and updates seem to happen daily in Portland and throughout Oregon, but will keep this updated the best we can.

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Yunnan Palooda Dessert Recipe

Yunnan “Palooda” Dessert Recipe

Our coconutty Yunnan Palooda Dessert Recipe may not seem very “Chinese,” but that’s because it has a long history! Originally from Persia, these flavors made their way through India before eventually making its way to Yunnan, China.

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Yunnan Ghost Chicken Recipe

Yunnan Ghost Chicken Recipe

Many Yunnan dishes are influenced by SE Asian flavors. Our Yunnan Ghost Chicken Recipe, known locally as guǐ jī, is no exception. Cilantro, mint, and birds eye chilies bring tons of flavor to this tasty salad.

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