Buy Local – A Foodie’s Guide to Holiday Shopping in China

By Brian Bergey, Co-Founder

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the foodie in your life? There are a growing number of excellent products in China that are catered specifically toward Western flavors. What we love about these products is that they aren’t mass-produced, preservative filled items like you often find in the Western world. Instead, they are made by passionate foodies focusing on quality ingredients in small-batch shops which means they are extra fresh and super tasty.

Take a look at our favorite locally made food items in China and add them to your holiday shopping list!

Mantra Bars

Having a hard time finding your energy bars and outdoor activity supplements in China? These natural nut and fruit bars are made by Marte, a Dutch expat living in Beijing. Free of refined sugars and the long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce on other bars, they are available for home delivery throughout China and sold in some local specialty shops (see more below).

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WOO Kombucha

This fermented black tea rich in probiotics is taking over natural food stores in the US by storm and is now craft brewed in China! They offer a few yummy flavors including Goji Peppermint, Honey Tieguanyin, and Coffee. Delivery in China is available, or you can pick them up at some local specialty shops (see more below).

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Naked Nut Butters

Made by two Beijing expats that are nuts about nuts, these are some of the best nut butters you’ll find anywhere! Forget peanuts, their almond and cashew varieties use minimal ingredients and will have you dipping your spoon into the jar at all times of day. Delivery is available throughout china, or you can pick them up at some specialty stores (see below).

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Big Bear Baked Goods

This cool little shop hidden in the hutongs of Beijing makes the best cookies in China. Period. They also sell a handful of other locally made products like Woo Kombucha, Naked Nut Butters and Mantra Bars, and share a shop with Rukis bread (see below). This is your one stop shop for everything on your local foodie list!

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Rukis Sourdough Breads

Sharing a shop with Big Bear, this is the only fresh sourdough bread that we can find in China. The Estonian variety is quite dense and incredible with some melted butter. Of course their line of cookie butters (in collaboration with Big Bear Baked Goods) won’t hurt either.

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Facebook @rukisrye

Shangrila Farms

This family-run company based in beautiful Yunnan is bringing the concept of organic and healthy living to people in China. Their line of responsibly sourced jams, honey and coffee gives back to the local farming community who is also focused on organic and sustainability. Their items are available for shipping all over China and can be purchased directly from their website.

Instagram @shangrilafarms

Strictly Cookies

This Shanghai based cookie shop is a local institution! Their cookies can be found in either of their two shops, in cafes all over the city, or available for delivery online. They have an excellent variety including constant seasonal options. Online orders are available directly on their website.

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Facebook @strictly-cookies

Arrow Factory Craft Beer

It’s no secret we love our craft beer, and Arrow Factory is our favorite place to grab a pint (or few) in Beijing. That’s why we were beside ourselves when they started bottling our favorite brews which can be picked up in their brewery or shipped all over China. Cheers to the holidays!

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Instagram/Facebook @arrowfactorybrewing

Lost Plate Gift Certificate

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By the way, this holiday shopping in China guide really are our favorite products that we often buy. We did not receive any endorsements or free products for writing this.