Our Newest Beijing Restaurant Tour is Perfect for Teams and Groups

Flavors of China Beijing Restaurant Tour Big Plate Chicken Restaurant

Looking for a fresh team building or work outing idea? Our “Flavors of China” Restaurant Tour in Beijing is the perfect chance for you to visit 4 restaurants in one night, discover a plethora of new dishes, and have an amazing time together with your group.

Flavors of China Restaurant Tour Feature

Roast pork and Naxi-style bread are served with a variety of other Yunnan specialties on our new Beijing restaurant tour.

Flavors of China Restaurant Tour in Beijing

Tour Details:

Eat massive courses at 4 restaurants specializing in cuisines from the 4 corners of China, and learn about how and why they vary on this van-serviced tour through the heart of Beijing. We’re talking a combination of flavors you never imagined coming from one country, that are also paired with local beverages. Come curious and ready to eat.

  • Time: Private tours can be booked any day and start between 6-7PM
  • Transport: We travel throughout the center of Beijing’s hutongs by climate controlled van, perfect for these chilly autumn and winter evenings. We will take some short walks to help digest your food and explore the hutong alleys.
  • Start Location: Shichahai Subway Station. An email will be sent with detailed meeting location details immediately after booking.
  • Includes: All Food & Beverages, Local Guide, Van Transportation
  • Price: 595 RMB per person, no additional fee for private tour requests of 7 or more people.

Our “Flavors of China” Beijing Restaurant Tour…in 30 seconds.

About This tour:

China has more people than all of North and South America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, combined. If you think about how varied the cuisines of those continents are, Chinese cuisine is just as varied (if not more) by population, geography, and history.

On this tour, you will get a glimpse into how big China truly is through this showcase of cuisines. Not just in taste, but in textures, colors, eating customs, restaurant-vibes, and the legends that come with each dish. If food is an expression of landscape and culture, then come and see what 1.5 billion people can do with the world around them.

Flavors of China Restaurant Tour Bread

The biggest plate of chicken you’ve ever seen, served with fresh naan at a hidden Xinjiang restaurant.

What You'll Do:

  • Try the biggest plate of chicken you’ve ever seen at the confluence of Persian, Russian, Mongol, and Tajik flavors from Xinjiang, the northwestern-most corner of China and the gate of the Silk Road.
  • Did you know naan is actually a Persian import to India, and China too? Try Chinese Uyghur naan cooked in a Xinjiang tandoori and learn why they carry beautiful stamped designs.
  • Try authentic Yunnan-style pork shoulder wraps, directly from a unique free-range black pig farm in China’s Yunnan province, bordering Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar.
  • Royal Beijing cuisine is a reflection of its status as a capital city through 5 different dynasties. Try this luxurious marinated, thinly sliced beef dish in one of the city’s most elusive and hidden eateries.
  • Sichuan food is so popular, 30% of the restaurants here serve Sichuan cuisine. Try chuan-chuan style hot pot with herbal and Sichuan-inferno broths, with fist fulls of skewered meats, veggies, and marinaded goodness to mix and match.
  • Drink local beverages paired with each cuisine such as beer, tea, and local soft drinks.
  • Plus a lot more surprises!
Flavors of China Restaurant Tour Chuan Chuan

Choose your own skewers at a Chuanchuan hotpot restaurant, a Sichuan favorite.

How is This Tour Different?

If you’ve already joined our Beijing Evening Hutong Tour, this is the tour for you! Our super comfy private vans will take you to some of our favorite restaurants in Beijing. Each restaurant specializes in regional Chinese cuisine, and your local guide will tell you all about the food you eat and the places you visit. Walk away with a full belly and a bunch of new restaurants to add to your list of favorites.

More Info & Reservations:

For full details about this tour, check out our Flavors of China page.

To book your group, contact us today and we’ll take care of you right away!

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