Beijing’s Best Restaurants in 2024

Beijing's Best Restaurants in 2024

Beijing has more people than Ireland, Denmark, and Greece, combined. The term “meal options” here means something else entirely. Beijing’s awesome culinary scene can be attributed to it’s history as the on-again, off-again, capital of China. Eat Imperial meals or explore the cuisines of Beijing’s own little’ Chinatowns’ –  these aren’t foreign imports but rather a mosaic of flavors from different parts of China and various ethnic communities. It’s a delicious melting pot that’s so impressive, it’s almost impossible to nail down the best local eateries.

But we’ve tried! From the world-famous Peking duck to the humblest dumplings, we’ve curated a list of our favorite spots for visitors. Our picks are not only authentic and ridiculously tasty, but they also feature menus in English and/or with photos to help you navigate the choices. Consider this your ultimate dining guide for Beijing—don’t settle for just one; taste them all!

Don’t want to visit “foreigner-friendly” spots? Then join one of our Beijing Food Tours and we’ll get you off the beaten path and go to places that only locals know about…unlimited food & beer included. Leave the logistics and ordering to us and eat the best local food in the city!

Siji Minfu Peking Duck (四季民福)

You can’t visit Beijing without trying its iconic Peking Duck, and with a few locations around town, this spot is a time-tested local favorite. Our favorite location is along the west wall of the Forbidden city which offers incredible views (and a perfect spot to eat after if you’re visiting the area). 

As you enter, you can watch ducks being expertly roasted in two massive wood-fired ovens. Then see your crisp, golden duck skillfully sliced beside your dining table, showcasing the chef’s masterful techniques. Enjoy it in a delicate pancake with fresh scallions and some sweet ‘n tangy Peking duck sauce; the combination of textures and flavors creates a dining experience you’ll never forget.

Pro tip: Regardless of which location you visit, we recommend visiting during off-peak times (late lunch or early dinner) to avoid long waits. 

Opening Hours: 10:30-21:30 Daily

What To Order:

Peking Duck 酥香嫩烤鸭: 

159 RMB/half set (recommended for 2-3 people)

259 RMB/whole set (recommended for 3-5 people)

Plus 6 RMB for duck wraps and 6 RMB/pax for condiments

Grilled Lamb with Scallion 贝勒爷烤肉

Cold Tossed Pea Shoots 巧拌豆苗

What We Love: Tableside duck slicing with Forbidden City views.

Location: The Imperial Palace Branch

Where it’s located: 11 Nanchizi Ave, Dongcheng District.

Show Your Taxi Driver: 四季民福故宫店

MapsGoogle Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map 

Manjie Dumpling house (满姐饺子)

This cozy Chinese dumpling haven in the heart of Beijing boasts the largest selection of dumplings in Beijing (and perhaps even the world), including an array of classic and innovative options – including vegetarian. While the staff may not speak English, the menu provides good English translations, and all orders include complimentary picked garlic and vinegar. 

Pro tip: Each type of dumpling has a minimum order of 10, so come hungry and bring friends to explore the variety.

Opening Hours: 10:30-21:00 Daily

What To Order:

Man Jie’s House Special Dumplings (leek, shrimp, egg, pork, fungus) 满姐招牌饺子

Pork and Fennel Dumplings 猪肉茴香饺子

Zucchini and Scrambled Egg Dumplings 西葫芦鸡蛋饺子

What We Love: Dumpling heaven that’s perfect for a group hangout.

Location:  ManJie Dumplings Ping’an Ave Dian

Where it’s located: 34-3, Dongsishitiao Yi (close to Dongsishitiao Subway Station, exit D, on line 2)

Show Your Taxi Driver: 满姐饺子(东城区东四十条乙34-3号)

MapsGoogle Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map 

Beijing Hotpot with a View

This hidden gem offers rooftop views of Beijing’s historic bell tower and serves local hotpot in traditional copper pots and filled with a clear broth that highlights the quality ingredients. Thin slices of mutton and beef are quickly cooked in the pot and then dipped in a sauce made with sesame paste…plus grab a pint of local craft beer! Wanna know where this hidden gem is? Join our Beijing Evening Food Tour to find out!

Yunnan Cuisine (小云南)

Beijing’s climate is harsh, traditionally relying on things like wheat, root veggies, and pantry-based ingredients. Yunnan province, on the other hand, borders Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam and is known for its breathtaking scenery and vibrant cuisine with SE Asian influences. Hence, Beijingers love Yunnan food.

Step inside to find ‘Little Yunnan’,  where natural light and greenery create a refreshing retreat in the heart of Beijing. Enjoy a diverse menu that captures the essence of Yunnan cuisine, available in both Chinese and English. Here, each dish, rich with fragrant herbs and exotic spices, not only delights the palate but also evokes the lush landscapes of southwestern China. 

Discover ‘Little Yunnan’ in the heart of Beijing, a vibrant spot where the diverse flavors of Yunnan’s cuisine come to life through a menu infused with exotic spices and aromatic herbs, all served up in a light-filled, plant-adorned setting.

Opening Hours: 11:00-22:00 Daily

What To Order:

Yunnan Beef with Mint Salad 薄荷牛肉

Lijiang Spicy Chicken with Lotus Root and Potato 丽江藕芋花椒鸡

Grilled Tilapia with Lemongrass Sauce 傣味香茅草罗非鱼

Yunnan Rice Cake Stir-Fry with Ham and Vegetables 腾冲大救驾

What We Love: Yunnan’s lush flavors in the heart of Beijing’s buzz!

Location: Little Yunnan 小云南

Where it’s located: South Luogu Lane Branch: No. 89, Di’anmen East Street

What to show your taxi driver: 小云南南锣鼓巷店

MapGoogle Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Imperial Vegetarian Cuisine (叶钵斋宫廷素菜)

Nestled in the youthful and artistic atmosphere of trendy Wudaoying Hutong, this vegetarian restaurant is accentuated by statues, redwood furniture, and the gentle sounds of flowing water. The menu boasts a variety of signature dishes, with mushrooms taking center stage as the primary ingredient, offering dishes with fresh and delicate flavors. Guests can customize their meals with less oil for a lighter touch. 

What To Order:

Curry Vegetable Stew with Avocado, Cauliflower and Potatoes 咖喱时蔬

Kong Pao Mushrooms 素宫保鸡丁

What We Love: Mushrooms steal the show in a cool, artsy spot.

Location: Yebozhai Imperial Vegetarian Restaurant

Where it’s located: No.40, Wudaoying Hutong(close to Lama Temple Subway Station on Line 2&5)

Show Your Taxi Driver: 钵斋宫廷素菜

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Chongqing Nooldes (重庆老街小面)

If you’re a fan of spicy cuisine and eager to explore Sichuan flavors, this hidden gem is an absolute must-visit. As you step inside, the authentic sounds of the Sichuan dialect set the scene for a culinary adventure. Dive into the yummy world of Minced Pork and Smashed Peas Noodles(available both dry and as a noodle soup), where simple noodles are transformed with a complex, spicy sauce that dances on the palate. Don’t miss the pan-fried Potatoes, a local favorite for their crunchy exterior and soft, fluffy inside, making them irresistibly tasty. An English menu is available to help you navigate your options easily, but be sure to keep water at hand for this spicy journey!

Cool down with ‘Bingfen,’ a soothing brown sugar jelly dessert that offers a wave of refreshment, perfectly balancing out the heat and leaving you ready for more of Sichuan’s fiery delights.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:30 Daily

What To Order:

Minced Pork and Smashed Peas Noodles (dry or with noodle soup)

Pan-fried Potatoes 锅巴土豆

Brown Sugar Jelly Dessert 红糖冰粉

What We Love: Fiery flavors meet sweet Bingfen at this spicy Sichuan hideout!

Location: Chongqing Laojiexiao Noodles 重庆老街小面

Where it’s located:An Ding Men Branch: 103 Annei Ave, Dongcheng District(close to Andingmen Subway Station on Line 2)

Show Your Taxi Driver: 重庆老街小面(安定门内大街103号)

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Neo-Chinese Style Dessert (元古本店)

Quickly becoming a favorite haunt for the city’s social media generation, this is a great spot to satisfy your sweet spot. Featuring a seasonal dessert menu that blends Western techniques with traditional Chinese ingredients, they offer some fun twists on classic desserts. The tranquil rooftop retreat with hutong views doesn’t hurt either.

Opening Hours: 11:00-24:00 Daily

What To Order:

Jasmine Tea mousse 茉莉清茶酪

Yuzu Mousse 柚子酪

Peach Rice Wine 蜜桃米浆

Lychee White Tea 荔枝煮白茶

What We Love: Classic Chinese flavors get a trendy mousse twist in this cool hutong hangout.

Location:  Yuan Gu Neo-Chinese Style Dessert Shop 元古本店

Where it’s located: No.3 on Shajing Hutong, South Luogu Lane

Show Your Taxi Driver: 元古本店

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

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