Beijing’s Best Cafes – Get your buzz on at these hip coffee shops in China’s capital

September 28, 2018 – Coffee culture isn’t strong (or native) to China, but these cafes in Beijing will have you thinking otherwise. Criteria for our list considered all of the following: good coffee, decent wifi, comfortable vibe, and clean bathrooms.

Basic Coffee

Basic is our overall favorite! This comfortable meets hipster space can be a bit hard to find, located on the 3rd floor of a spread out shopping and office complex in the Jianguomen area. They offer over 100 types of coffee beans and roast some on them on premise! We recommend the coconut cold brew – served stylishly on a do-it-yourself wood board so you can mix your own concoction of milk, coffee and syrup to your liking. Top it all off with a roasting class for those interested in the DIY side of coffee culture.

Wifi is decent, although WeChat or Weibo is needed to access it. A clean, western-style toilet is available. Stairs are the only way up.

Address: Jianwai SOHO, East District, Villa 9, 3rd Floor
Show Your Taxi Driver: 景恒街建外SOHO东区9号别墅西南角三层
Map: Google Map (VPN Required in China) or Chinese Map

Metal Hands Coffee Co.

Who doesn’t love a good local coffee chain? With 4 locations in Beijing, this is the worst kept secret gem in the city. We love the location near Qianmen Station, an old western style brick buidling with a good amount of seating and a gorgeous interior. Order a dirty or the latte, sit back, and take let the hours pass. Side note: the toilet isn’t well maintained, and it isn’t Western.

Address: West Damochang Street #228
Show Your Taxi Driver: 西打磨厂街228号
Map: Google Map (VPN Required in China) or Chinese Map

Bear Brew Coffee

Bejiing Hutong Coffee Shop

We like this spot so much we’ve made it a stop on our Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour! Completely off the beaten path in the heart of a residential hutong neighborhood, Bear Brew is owned by friendly locals and has a wonderful rooftop patio with great hutong views of the Miaoying Temple. The coffee is tasty, the vibe is great and and the views are worth staying for.

To find this spot, you’ll have to join us on our Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour…click here for more info!


Recently opened in January of 2018, Bracket is located in a stand alone building by the Workers Stadium. A two story coffee shop plus rooftop patio for the warmer months, they have a nice menu of coffees, teas, smoothies, and desserts. They also offer the Bracket feast, a two-tier tower of high tea desserts, snacks and sandwiches! The space is clean, bright, modern and comfortable. Order the latte or a tiramisu shake and a whisky dark chocolate mousse and get a photo of it all from the roof.

Address: Workers Stadium North Road
Show Your Taxi Driver: 工人体育场北路3
Map: Google Map (VPN Required in China) or Chinese Map

Voyage Coffee

If you’re visiting the 798 Arts District, this is a good spot to rest your feet and enjoy your surroundings. Its minimalist space is tidy and attractive, an all-concrete shop with classical music blending well with the chatting of other patrons. Outdoor seating is also available in the courtyard. We recommend the single origin pour over or the iced chocolate! Insiders tip – while the sparkling cold coffee may sound intriguing, it’s not recommended unless you like the idea of coffee soda.

Address: 798 Art District Taoci 3rd Street #88
Show Your Taxi Driver: 798艺术区陶瓷三街南口88号
Map: Google Map (VPN Required in China) or Chinese Map

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