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Four Hidden Beijing Tea Houses

March 11, 2019 – Visiting a traditional tea house is a big bucket list item when visiting China. After all, they have more than 5000 years of history and are considered the holy grail to locals – they swear by the positive effects tea can do for your health. So if you’re looking for some quaint Beijing tea houses away from the crowds, we have some hidden gems for you!

Cha Wei Cha She

Beijing Tea Houses cha wei cha she table
Beijing Tea Houses cha wei cha she teacup

Cha Wei Cha She is located in one of the residential hutongs that leads you to the Confucius Temple. You might even pass by without noticing it because it is camouflaged by the area’s grey walls. However, once you find the little entrance, it will lead you to a beautiful courtyard surrounded by old trees and the scent of tea leaves.

They require a base fee of 198 RMB or 256 RMB (depends on what type of tea leaves you fancy) for 3 hours, and you can choose 2 types of tea to drink. We recommend White Tea for autumn & winter, and Specialty Jasmine Tea for spring & summer. Their tea refreshments are more traditional compared to other tea houses, and their Hawthorn Balls are some of the best in town!

What to order:
1. Hawthorn Balls (山楂球)
2. Sesame Dessert Skewers (芝麻点心)
3. Red plum tea (九曲红梅)
4. White tea (白茶)

Chinese Name: 茶味茶舍
English/Pinyin Address: 18 Guanshuyuan Hutong, Yonghegong, Beijing
Show your taxi driver: 雍和宫管书院胡同18号院
Google Maps (VPN required in China!): Click here.
Chinese Map: Click here.


Yi Zhuo

Beijijg Tea Houses yi zhuo fire
Beijing Tea Houses yi zhuo snacks

Joining our evening food tour? Then this is the perfect spot for you to hang out before you come and meet up with us! It is located at the end of Wudaoying Hutong, which is an up and coming hipster alleyway blossoming with new little cafés and shops.

After you enter the small reception area full of tea leaves and tea sets on display, you will be led into a cozy little sitting area. Their specialty is alcohol infused tea. If you are visiting in the summer, definitely go for the Champagne Oolong Tea. In the winter, Brandy Black Tea is the one we love to warm us up on a cold day. They will light the brandy on fire and slowly pour it in your teacup. Don’t be intimidated by the strong alcohol content – you will fall in love with it from the first sip!

Their snacks are like sweet little dim-sum cakes and chocolates. Go for the Peach Cakes or the Lychee Black Tea Chocolate.

What to order:
1. Champagne Oolong Tea (香槟乌龙)
2. Brandy Black Tea (火焰红茶)
3. Little Peach Cake (绿豆糕)
4. Lychee Black Tea Chocolate (荔枝红茶巧克力)

Chinese Name: 一拙
English/Pinyin Address: 84 Wudaoying Hutong, Beijing
Show your taxi driver: 五道营胡同西口84号
Google Maps (VPN required in China!): Click here.
Chinese Map: Click here.

CHA Maker

Beijing Tea Houses Cha Maker Buddha

If you are visiting the bustling Nanluoguxiang or the Drum Tower, this place is definitely worth stopping by. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful pebble garden and the cozy atmosphere that draws you in. Soon you will find yourself sitting in a cozy loft listening to the calm music and sipping on their Pu’er tea.

They have a variety of teas starting from 98 RMB to 368 RMB, but if you are dropping by for a quick cuppa, they also offer teas by the glass. We recommend the Osmanthus and Pu’er tea! If you are feeling like something a little stronger, the peach Blossom Rice Wine is a great choice.

What to order:
1. Jasmine Rose Black Tea (茉莉花玫瑰红茶)
2. Osmanthus and Pu’er Tea (桂花普洱茶)
3. Green Bean Cake (绿豆糕)
4. Jujube and Walnut Cake (南枣福桃酥)

Chinese Name: 作茶 CHA Maker
English/Pinyin Address: Number 3 Nanxiawazi Hutong, Beijing
Show your taxi driver: 南下洼子胡同3号
Google Maps (VPN required in China!): Click here.
Chinese Map: Click here.

Qi Sheng Cha Shi

Beijing Tea Houses qi sheng cha shi table
Beijing Tea Houses qi sheng cha shi chair

Have a sweet tooth? Then this tea house is the perfect match for you. From madeleines and macarons to traditional refreshments and cakes, they have a great selection to choose from. You have to ring the doorbell to open the entrance, giving it a vibe that’s not unlike a speakeasy! This place is a beautiful modern twist on a hutong house. (And a great spot to take photos for Instagram, too!)

Grab an outdoor seat in the courtyard and watch them prepare your tea set for you. They have a base fee of 80 RMB per person, and it includes one type of tea. We recommend the 70-year-old tree Lapsang Souchong black tea from Wuyi Mountain and the duck dropping tea. And no, the duck poo tea doesn’t taste like the name! It has the aroma and flavor of almond and various fruits and flowers.

What to order:
1. Lapsang Souchong 70-Year-Old Tree Black Tea (正山七十年树小种)
2. Duck dropping aroma tea (鸭屎香单丛)
3. Cinnamon Tea (肉桂)
4. Almond Tofu (杏仁豆腐)

Chinese Name: 器生茶时
English/Pinyin Address: 37 Caoyuan Hutong, Dongzhimen Beixiaojie, Beijing
Show your taxi driver: 东直门北小街草原胡同37号
Google Maps (VPN required in China!): Click here.
Chinese Map: Click here.

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