The Lost Plate Baijiu Cocktail Recipe

The Lost Plate Baijiu Cocktail Recipe

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This recipe was created by our baijiu-loving team at Lost Plate, and is featured in our Baijiu Cocktail Recipe Box. The ingredients labeled with a * below are all included in our recipe box which is available for shipping throughout the USA. For more information and to purchase online, click here.

Our favorite flavors of China, Cambodia, and Portland in a glass.

Glass: Collins Glass
Garnish: Crushed Sichuan Peppercorns
When to Drink: A tasty sipper for any occasion


Items marked with a * are included in our Baijiu Cocktail Recipe Box.

2 oz Ming River Baijiu*

1 oz fresh lime juice 

½ oz cinnamon anise simple syrup 

½ oz Portland Syrup ginger flavor*

5 oz soda water 

2-3 drops Portland Bitters Project Aromatic Bitters*

Crushed peppercorn kernels (We recommend Sichuan peppercorn which can be found at most Asian grocery markets or in the Lost Plate Sichuan Recipe box. If unavailable, can substitute with red peppercorn or coriander.)


  1. Combine Baijiu, lime juice, Ginger Portland Syrup, and cinnamon anise simple syrup in a shaker.

  2. Add ice and shake for 20 seconds until cool. (If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, get crafty! You can use a mason jar with a tight lid or strong container with a lid that seals tightly.)

  3. Fill collins glass halfway with ice.

  4. Strain cocktail into collins glass.

  5. Top with soda water.

  6. Add 2-3 drops of bitters.

  7. Crush 3-5 peppercorns with flat side of knife and sprinkle crushed peppercorn on top.

Tip: If no ginger syrup, replace syrup and soda water with ginger ale.

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