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The Best Reasons to Visit Chengdu

When you ask a tourist what they know about Chengdu, their answer will be that it’s where pandas are from. When you ask a Chinese what they think about Chengdu, there are always a few things on their mind.

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Up Your Instagram Game With These Beijing Modern Architecture Marvels

Beijing is home to some incredibly well-preserved and beautiful historical monuments. But one thing that we think the city doesn’t get enough credit for is how amazing much of the modern architecture is. From the “Bird’s Nest” of Olympic Park to the National Theater, Beijing is home to some architectural treasures that are often overlooked. Here’s our guide to the buildings that we think warrant a visit – and a photo or two!

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The Biggest Differences Between North and South China

China has a long history grounded in strong traditions that date back thousands of years. Perhaps more than any other country, these are still seen clearly today and make China a very interesting place to explore! The best way to see what you never knew about China is by taking a look at the traditions in the north and south of China, roughly defined by the Yangtze River.

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Hike Huashan Mountain near Xian, China

The Qinling mountain range is one of the largest in China and many people are surprised to see how close they are on a clear day in Xian. Hua Shan’s jagged peaks and stunning landscape are one-of-a-kind and hiking Huashan Mountain is definitely worth adding to your Xian itinerary. For the adventure seeker, it also holds the Plank trail, often dubbed as the most dangerous hike in the world!

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24 Hours in Shanghai

24 Hours in Shanghai

Shanghai is often a quick stop-over for travelers that continue their trip further into China or SE Asia. It can be overwhelming to choose what to eat and see during your short stay, so we’ve put together this 24 Hours in Shanghai guide to help you experience the most impressive sites from this metropolitan city.

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