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China’s Best Breweries & Craft Beer

Article by Lost Plate Food Tours

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Is it beer-thirty yet? No matter where you are or where you’re from, there is beer- and China is no exception. In fact, the bestselling beer in the world is a Chinese brand called Snow, which sells twice as much as Budweiser, three times as much as Heineken, and four times as much as Corona every year. Not bad for a beer that’s only sold in China, but there’s a lot more to offer at China’s best breweries serving craft beer.

We’re big on craft beer here at Lost Plate too. We love it so much that all of our evening tours include unlimited canned beers and end at a local brewery so we can introduce you to the best craft beer in town. Part of this gig is to be familiar with what’s being brewed around. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Also, see the culmination of our tireless and very enthusiastic research on our Beijing Craft Brewery Tour includes over 10 local craft beers at 4 different breweries. Great way to spend an (alco)holiday.

Great Leap Brewing #6

Perhaps the best harmony of good beer, good culture, and local influences. Make sure you visit their #6 location for a perfect Beijing Hutong experience and sip through a pint (or few) in their outdoor courtyard. Don’t miss their Honey Ma Gold, which is subtly infused with Sichuan peppercorn and their best seller.

Xian Brewery / Near Wall Bar

Grab a spot on the patio nestled along Xian’s historic city wall, listen to nightly live music, and drink away the evening at this awesome spot. You haven’t been to Xian unless you’ve been to Near Wall, which is included in our Xian Evening Tour

Arrow Factory Brewing, Beijing

This is our founder’s go-to place to grab a pint, you just can’t go wrong with any of their beers. They’re so great, we’ve included a flight in our Beijing Craft Beer Tour because you can’t have just one.

Liquid Laundry, Shanghai

If you’re secretly craving a rack of ribs or a burger during your trip to China, this is the place to go. A bit different from the others on the list, this is a great place to grab a local beer in surroundings a bit more trendy and familiar…but that’s the great part about Shanghai, right?

Master Gao, Nanjing

Self-proclaimed as the first microbrewery in China, you’ll also find these bottles in bars around the country. Keep an eye out for their Jasmine Lager, a surprisingly flavorful beer that goes down very well…so then you can get another, and another. They also have a tap house located in Xian.

Our Full China Brewery Guide

BEIJING: Our favorite place to grab a beer (or 10) in China, with more breweries than any other city.

Arrow Factory – This is our founder’s go-to place for a pint, you just can’t go wrong with any of their beers. We recommend their RyePA if you like something hoppy and drinkable. Included in our Beijing Craft Brewery Tour.

Great Leap #6 – This is a must-stop if you’re addicted to local beer culture. Don’t miss their Honey Ma Gold, subtly infused with Sichuan peppercorns.

JingA – Their Airpolocypse Double IPA can fix any day shrouded in pollution. Included in our Beijing Craft Brewery Tour.

Slow Boat – Monkey’s Fist IPA, their flagship beer, is super refreshing with a subtle mango flavor. Included in our Beijing Craft Brewery Tour.

Prodigy Brewing  – Their signature beers, Happy Hydra IPA and Beijing Haze will wash the summer heat away from you with their strong beers.

Steam Rhino – 9 tap beers are available at the moment, and they are all brewed on-site.

Nbeer Pub – Fancy some fruity beers? Strawberry Gose and Mango Gose are ready to bring you a tinge of fruit fragrance on top of the wheat aroma.

SHANGHAI: A bit more refined with vibes closer to home, Shanghai is a great place to sink a few.

Boxing Cat – Shanghai’s most popular place to grab a pint.

Liquid Laundry – 15 taps filled with their own brews, local beers, and some imports.


Master Gao – Self-proclaimed first microbrewery in China, you’ll also find these bottles in bars around the country.


Wild West Brewing – Exploring Chengdu’s best beer? Take a sip of the beer at Wild West for the crisp flavor with unparalleled freshness.

Mercedes Me – Try their fruity beers if you don’t fancy strong alcohol.

Foam Ranger – Their mission is to bring the best craft beer into Chengdu!

Xian Brewery – You can’t beat the beer or the location nestled against Xian’s city wall. Seasonal offerings like their Watermelon Wheat is made with locally grown melons! Included on our Xian Evening Food Tour.


Bionic Brew

TAPS Brewpub



Yun Brewing

Valhalla Craft Brewery


Shangrila Beer – This is the best beer brand in Yunnan, brewed with Tibetan Mountain Spring Water. Pairing with the delicious Yunnan food, you will not be disappointed. 

How to Drink Beer in Mandarin

For a complete list of breweries in China, as well as insight into the craft beer industry, check out Rick Green’s e-book called How to Drink Beer in Mandarin. This is a great resource for English speakers looking to explore the world of craft beer in China!

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