The Best Local Beijing Restaurants, According to a Beijinger

Updated May 24, 2019 – Beijing local food is known for having strong traditions while having an eclectic mix of cuisines from throughout China. From Peking duck to dumplings, we have compiled a few of our favorite foreigner-friendly local restaurants in Beijing. This means they have menus with English and/or photos and serve authentic local food.

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Southern Fish (渔芙南)

For those who don’t know Hunan province, located in Southwest China, everything is as spicy as it gets. This contemporary gem is hidden within a residential hutong neighborhood and serves up spicy Hunan dishes. In a place like Beijing where spicy food isn’t traditionally part of our cuisine, this beautiful restaurant makes a worthwhile visit for the foodie in all of us.

What To Order:

Spicy Frog (口味石蛙)
Secret Sauce Beef (秘制风秘牛肉)
Five Spice Noodles with Pork (卤粉)
Century Egg with Pepper (辣椒皮蛋)

Where it’s located: 49 Gongmenkou Toutiao, near Lu Xun Museum

Show Your Taxi Driver: 宫门口头条49号,鲁迅博物馆附近,谢谢。

MapsGoogle Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Dian Shan Yun Shui Yunnan Cuisine (滇山雲水)

yunnan cold rice noodles
beijing yunnan courtyard

Yunnan province borders Cambodia & Vietnam and is not only known for its breathtaking scenery, but also its food. While the fresh ingredients and unique flavors of Yunnan cuisine are becoming increasingly popular in Beijing, this spot is legit. From the minute you enter, local Yunnan goods can be seen displayed throughout the reestaurant and the entire staff speaks local Yunnan dialect. You’ll also find an open courtyard decorated with Yunnan art and photography.

What to order:

Rice Noodles with shredded Chicken (大理鸡丝凉拌米线)
Vanilla Wrapped Seared Tofu (香草铁板烤屏豆腐)
Stewed Green Pumpkin (生焖姜柄瓜)
Rice Noodles with Mixed Vegetables (小锅米线)

Where it’s located: 25 Baofang Hutong

What to show your taxi driver: 师傅请带我去, 报房胡同25号,谢谢。

Maps: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Siji Minfu Roasted Duck (四季民福烤鸭)

beijing roasted pekin duck

Famous not only for its roasted Peking ducks, Siji Minfu is also one of the most common places to catch celebrities, movie scenes, and most importantly a great view of the Forbidden City. Forget about the big chain Peking duck brands you might research like Dadong or Quanjude. Siji Minfu offers a personal touch and sense of place. With its peaceful setting right on the corner of the Forbidden city and its modern interior design complete with two wood-fire ovens with incredible duck roasting photo ops, Siji Minfu has an exquisite vibe (without a huge price tag). Visit during off peak times (late lunch or early dinner) to avoid waiting.

What To Order:

Deluxe Fresh Roasted Duck (特选香嫩烤鸭)
Beijing soybean paste noodles (老北京炸酱面)
Imperial dessert platter (宫廷小吃拼盘)

Where it’s located: 11 Nanchizi Street, near the east gate of the Forbidden City

What to show your taxi driver: 师傅请带我去, 南池子大街11号故宫东门旁,谢谢。

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Jin Ding Xuan (金鼎轩)

jin ding xuan restaurant beijing

This 24/7 dim sum instituion is heaven on earth for foodies. The temple-like building accommodates 4 floors of hungry locals and shells out solid dim sum favorites plus a variety of other local dishes. Perfect for breakfast or a late night snack/meal.

What To Order:

Signature shrimp dumplings (招牌虾皇饺)
Barbeque Pork Pastries (羊城叉烧酥)
Sweet and Salty Egg Buns (咸蛋黄流沙包)
Dandan Spicy Noodles (担担面)
Sticky Rice with Chicken (糯米鸡)

Where it’s located: 79 Hepingli West Street

Show Your Taxi Driver: 师傅请带我去, 和平里西街77号, 近地坛,谢谢。

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Man Jie Dumpling (满姐饺子)

The largest selection of dumplings in Beijing, including great vegetarian options. Man Jie Dumpling is a clean and modern restaurant on the main thoroughfare near Dongsishitiao station, and although the staff doesn’t speak English the menu has good English translations. FYI – Each type of dumpling has a minimum order of 10!

What To Order:

Specialty Dumpling (pork, leek, shrimp, egg, mushroom) (满姐招牌饺子)
Sour and Spicy Shredded Potato Dumpling (酸辣土豆丝)
Pork and Scallion Dumpling (猪肉大葱)
Pork and Lotus Root Dumpling (猪肉鲜藕)

Where it’s located: 32 Dongsi 10th Street

Show Your Taxi Driver: 师傅请带我去, 东城区东四十条乙34号,谢谢。

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

Guo Zao.Morning (过早.morning)

“Hot dry noodles” are one of our favorite noodle dishes in China! Made with fresh noodles and topped with sesame paste and pickles, it’s a flavor explosion in your mouth. The restaurant is open for lunch from 11 AM – 2:30 PM, and for dinner from 5 PM – 9 PM.

What To Order:

Traditional Dry Noodles (原味热干面)
Minced Pork Dry Noodle (炸酱热干面)
Minced Pork Rice Noodle (杂酱热干粉)

Where it’s located: 10 Chunxiu Road

Show Your Taxi Driver: 师傅你好,请带我去, 春秀路太平庄10号,谢谢。

Map: Google Map (requires VPN in China) or Chinese Map

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